Monday, September 12, 2011

Samuel's 20 Words

When Samuel first began talking, I marked each new word down on the calendar to remember the date and the order.  Recently, they've been coming so quickly that I've lost track of when he said them.  Here are the words that he's mastered so far (not in any order.)

1. mama
2. daddy
3. go
4. car
5. kitty
6. dog
7. night-night
8. no-no
9. book
10. done
11. ball
12. woof-woof (what a dog says)
13. roar (what a lion says)
14. baa-baa (what a sheep says)
15. oo-ha-he-ha (what a monkey says)
16. duck
17. truck
18. bubbles
19. baby
20. bye-bye


  1. Oo, that's a good idea. I'll have to write my guys' down when they start talking.... any day now... I hope....

  2. You're going to need a bigger notebook, 'cause they're going to come faster and faster!!! (((Hugs))) Joey

  3. Darn it! I should have done that with Jack. Such a good idea. I'm impressed by Samuel's vocabulary!

  4. I'm impressed too. I know the twins have several words, but it seems like all Cade says is "go" and all Camdyn says is "bye". That is probably because they were isolated for a year. All they want to do is go somewhere. Maybe in their twin thinking, they decided, "you say go, and I'll say bye and maybe mom will get the idea!"

    Samuel is doing so well. That does seem like a long list of words. Does he go to speech therapy? If so, how often does he go? I only ask because I'm not sure if we need to be going more or if I'm just being impatient.

  5. Michelle, don't forget that your twins are over a month younger than Samuel...he JUST start talking the last few weeks. In fact, your munchkins had said words before he had! He DOES see speech...2x a week for a total of 1.5 hrs. I'm not sure what did it for him. We have been taking him out a lot more (trying to get him exposed to as much as possible before our winter isolation again)...maybe that was it!

  6. Wow, sounds like you have a chatter box on your hands! I haven't been keeping track that well, but I don't think my trio have that many words yet. Samuel is so cute...I love that picture of him!