Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Riddance!

Last week we were relieved of Samuel's oxygen tanks, concentrator, and pulse-ox monitor FOR GOOD.  Although he hasn't needed them since the beginning of April, the pulmonologist insisted that we keep them in the house 'just in case.'  So we put them away in the deepest, darkest closet we could find. 

....Until Thursday, when the oxygen supply company rang our doorbell and kindly asked for their supplies back.  Samuel was all too eager to help them get it out the door (See?  He's even wagging his tail!)

As we watched it go, Michael commented that it's departure wasn't nearly as climatic as we once imagined it would be.  This time last year we were DESPERATE to get rid of it all....and had to restrain ourselves from throwing the pulse-ox monitor out of the window.  (Not kidding.)

I suppose it's gradual disappearance from our lives has made for a less-than-exciting removal.  Nevertheless, I'm glad to see it go and I pray that we never have to experience life with oxygen EVER again!


  1. Halleluia...another milestone passed!! I am so glad to see it gone too!!! And I love Samuel's tail..makes me giggle! Hugs from Joey!!

  2. I felt exactly the same way. Good riddance and yay!