About Samuel

After an uneventful 6 months of pregnancy, Sarah went into preterm labor at 23 weeks and 6 days gestation. Three days later, she delivered Samuel - who weighed only 1 pound 9 ounces.  After a very stressful and eventful 125 days at Arkansas Children's Hospital, he was discharged from the NICU.  Today, Samuel is thriving and we feel blessed to have him in our lives.  If you're interested in Samuel's birth story, click here, or if you would like to read from the beginning of the blog, click here.

This video shows the amazing progress that he made over his first year.  (It cannot be viewed on mobile devices due to copyright licensing....sorry!!!)

Medical History

Birth Weight and Length: 709 grams (1 pound 9 ounces) and 13 inches long.

Significant Complications During NICU Stay:  Pulmonary interstitial emphysema, pneumothorax, pneumoperitoneum, NEC with a perforated bowel, PDA ligation, Grade 2 IVH, inguinal hernia, high frequency ventilator for 49 days, bowel stricture, paralyzed left vocal cord and resulting swallowing dysphagia.

Current Health Issues:
Paralyzed/Damaged Left Vocal Cord
Caused from being intubated for so long or may have been damaged during the PDA ligation. Either way, Samuel's voice has improved tremendously since coming home in July 2010. He may eventually need to have the left vocal cord injected with collagen - which will improve the quality of his voice.  He no longer requires thickeners to help with swallowing.

Chronic Lung Disease
Understandably, Samuel's lungs were not fully developed at birth. They were also damaged from his two month dependency on the ventilator.  He is more prone to becoming sick and is more likely to struggle with respiratory illnesses.

Feeding Issues
The stricture in Samuel's intestine causes his GI system to work slower than the average child....which hindered his eating for a few years.  He also may have developed some sensory issues (a mild oral aversion) that impeded his progress with table food.  Thankfully, he is now self-feeding and eating like a typical three year old.

Developmental Delay
Samuel receives Occupational (2 hrs/week) and Physical (2 hrs/week) therapies to help him 'catch up' to  his chronological age.  Developmentally, he is somewhere between his adjusted age and his chronological age.

Discolored teeth
Possibly due to antibiotics or simply his premature birth, the tips of Samuel's teeth are slightly yellow.