Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Because He's Cute

Gee my kid is cute.
Besides his obvious good looks and incredible grin, here is a list of things that Samuel does that makes me smile.
1. He gets REALLY excited when he's naked.
2. He talks when we read him a story. It's like he's reading along.
3. He watches my hands when I make the motions for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" - like the 'spider' is the most fascinating thing on the planet.
4. When he's sleepy, he rubs his eyes.
5. He's figured out how to pull his paci out of his mouth but not quite how to put it back in. I love watching him try.
6. When we hold him, and someone else comes up and talks to him, he gives them a shy smile then buries his head into our shoulder.
7. Sometimes he toots then looks around as if to say, "Where did that come from?"
8. He rubs his head when he first goes to sleep.
9. .....and then pretty much everything else he does too.....
I love this kid.


  1. Oh Sarah, we want to meet him so much, love you all so much. From your South African Family

  2. Goodness, he IS cute! Are you taking offers for arranged marriages yet? :)

  3. He's just so perfectly adorable and I love your posts!!