Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Strike

I began this post on the 24th but didn't finish it until today....hence the wrong date at the top.
For those of you who aren't on Facebook, here are some pictures that you missed this month:

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you had a GREAT holiday weekend.
Our Thanksgiving was a little stressful. For the last week, Samuel has been an absolute pain to feed. I mean, really awful. You would have to have a child who is already FAR below the weight he should be to fully understand how stressful this is. Honestly, thoughts of semi-permanent feeding tubes like a g-tube or a 'button' go through my head and I have to keep myself from FREAKING out. Of course, we are no where near that point. It's just exhausting to put the bottle in his mouth and have him begin to sob (or act like he's never sucked on a bottle before.) Michael and I took him to the pediatrician over the weekend. He's not sick. Thankfully, the last two days have been better. All of this started when we introduced the spoon - but he has to get used to taking food from both his bottle and the spoon eventually!!! And the odd thing is that the spoon has been going well....when eating bananas in particular.
We spent a few days at my parents house for Thanksgiving - which usually is very relaxing, but there was a lot going on this year. My grandfather had a stroke and needed surgery the day before Thanksgiving to clear out a blocked artery. The surgery did not go well. He came out of surgery only to go back in after less than an hour. The chaplain was sent to my family to keep them updated. Things didn't look good for a while but he is better now. He was showing signs of paralysis on his left side after his first surgery but began moving his hand and his foot when he came back from the second. Wishing him a QUICK recovery. Love you grandpa.
At the end of this week, Samuel's adjusted age is 5 months....and I'm not excited about it this time. I really thought we would be seeing some big jumps in his milestones. Tummy time is still a nightmare (I think his arms are too short to prop himself up like other babies do. He wants to push all the way up onto his hands...which means he can't hold that position very long) He WAS rolling from front to back but now acts like he's forgotten how to do it. He doesn't roll from his back to his sides. He won't sit on his own (again, his hands don't reach the floor without him bending all the way over and that's uncomfortable for him to do over that big belly!) I'm trying my VERY best not to get frustrated...and I'm trying not to compare him to other full-term babies around his adjusted age - it's not fair to him. After all, when compared to other micropreemies, he is doing FANTASTIC...and there are plenty of things that he CAN do. I guess I thought that if I worked with him enough that he would catch up quickly. It doesn't look like Samuel's in a hurry. My dad seems to think that Samuel won't make progress until his belly gets a little thinner. haha. To think there are parents out there who do NOTHING with their baby and their kid STILL makes progress.... ::SIGH:: Month 5's the charm?
In the good news department:
Samuel weighs 14lbs 1oz
Friday marked a very special milestone for us - we officially have been home longer than we spent in the NICU!!! I can't believe it. The time in the NICU seemed so much longer! Today we have been home 129 days.

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  1. this is easier said, than done, but try to not compare Samuel to other babies. He really is doing a fantastic job and he is probably stubborn! I mean look at how much the little guy has gone through. On top of that, do not get frustrated. You are a wonderful mother and have done so many wonderful things to get discouraged. I honestly think your dad might be right. He just might be chunky enough to lose his balance and be lazy. The kid deserves it after all he has gone through in his short life. He will do what he wants to do when he is ready. I do not think you have anything to be worried about and try to not worry, Momma!