Sunday, July 4, 2010

Due Date

Day 108
Weight: 4 lbs 13 oz

Today was supposed to be Samuel's due date. Makes me a little sad to think that we could have been beginning our journey about this time. Of course, there are many things to be thankful for too.
Samuel has graduated to milestone C on the feeding pathway. Milestone A was 1 bottle per 12-hr shift. Milestone B was 2 bottles per shift. And milestone C is 3 bottles per shift. Only D and E left and we are headin' home! (Milestone E consists of the nurses pulling his feeding tube entirely and making sure that he still gains wait consecutively for 5-7 days.)
Other than feeding, there haven't been many changes. Supposedly, Samuel's breathing hasn't increased too much since they discontinued the Lasix (but I haven't been at the hospital in a day and a half to observe it myself.) He hasn't gained a lot of fluid weight...which is another good sign.
I believe they will do another eye exam sometime this week. We will find out if Samuel will stay off the Lasix on Monday when Dr. Arrington comes back on duty. They will also draw blood and do an x-ray that morning as well. Praying for good results!


  1. Almost 5 pounds. We are continuing to pray. Happy 4th!!!

  2. Happy due date!!!! I guess I get to see you on Sunday. Can't wait!!!!

  3. We love glad to get to see you and Michael, of course hugs were great..Samuel weighy is amazing...I love those high numbers...praaying always we love ya, Nicky and Deb

  4. Love getting those good reports..God is so faithful. Can't tell you how wonderful it was to get to hug you today. You must have been black and blue by the time you got out of there! Guess you know we love you!!! Still praying, persistantly and specifically. What a wonderful lesson Samuel has given us all about prayer!!