Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to B

Day 109
Weight: 4 lbs 13 oz

So....Milestone C didn't go as well as we had hoped....

Sunday during the day, Samuel took 3 bottles - and did excellent. He took all of each of the bottles with no problems. Sunday night was a different story. He pretty much refused to take any of them - he would cry - he would spit out the milk instead of swallowing it. To say the least, it did not go well. This morning Carolyn was on and I hoped that she would have better success since Samuel is familiar with her. It didn't go well either. THEN the occupational therapist came around for his next bottle and he did the worst he has ever done. Cried and cried and cried (mommy cried too.) No one seems to know what happened. Did we increase the number of bottles too fast? Is he refluxing? Does he not like the way something tastes (not that anything has changed in the last week or so.) Is he gassy? So needless to say, we are back to milestone B (2 bottles a shift.) It's a disappointment because I really don't want to be in the NICU any longer. I'm REALLY ready to go home with him. But then again, I want things to be right before we go home.
Tonight, Dr. Arrington suggested that I pump and immediately give it to Samuel in a bottle. It went a little better than the ones earlier - but he was still fighting it some. The rest of his bottle feeds have been cancelled for the night. Dr. Arrington has also doubled Samuel's Prevacid dose...just in case Samuel is refluxing. I guess its up to Samuel (and God) to determine where we go from here.
Samuel's blood test this morning wasn't great - his CO2 came back at 53. That's a far cry from the 41 he had week before last. He isn't breathing too fast and he hasn't gained too much weight. Maybe we can stay off the Lasix.......


  1. Praying for his little tummy and for Mommy too. Hang in there honey..he's just taking his time getting used to new things.

  2. I'm praying for the little one also. I took a little one home from the hospital close to Samuel's size (4 lb 14 oz) and she was erratic in how much she would take and in fighting feedings also. There is hope though as around 7 pounds a month later, the problem was passed. I'm not sure if it's the effort involved, they don't feel hungry on the hospital schedule, or what but hang in there and he will get over this hurdle also.