Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trial by Fire

Day 110
Weight: 4 lbs 15 oz

We didn't end up going back to Milestone B after all. Dr. Arrington decided to do something a little different. He put in an order this morning for Samuel's feeding tube to be taken out - and for all of his feeds to be taken by bottle. He was thinking that the feeding tube may be rubbing the back of Samuel's throat. They continue to use just my milk with Simply Thick...no other additives. So far, Samuel has taken his bottle much better than he did yesterday. I don't know if this is a permanent solution to the problem because the additives were providing extra calories to help Samuel grow. Bottle feeding also burns more calories than tube feeding. Dr. Arrington will be watching Samuel's weight closely. If Samuel continues to take most or all of his bottles, they may not replace the feeding tube at all.....meaning that Samuel would have skipped several steps.
There hasn't been any talk of putting him back on diuretics. His urine output has picked up some today (thankfully) and his breathing is still normal.
Samuel was getting an inhaler called Flovent (it was supposed to help open his airways like an asthma inhaler.) He has been taking it twice a day ever since he came off the ventilator sixty days ago. Today it was discontinued.
On a different note....my little boy is so smart! Yesterday afternoon Samuel was quite awake. Carolyn picked him up and was talking to him like usual. She was showing him her tounge - sticking it out at him and moving it around. Samuel copied her! It was too funny. It wasn't coincidence because she did it several times with him. He has also gained some control over his head. I will put him on my shoulder and talk to him - he turns and pulls back his head so that he can see my face. Granted, he looses control of it after a minute, but I'm amazed that he is doing so well for just now being term. He is tracking movement more each day.


  1. So far that sounds like wonderful news. I hope and pray it continues to go well.

  2. awesome!! i hope he continues to take the bottles well so you guys can take him home soon!!! and that's so cool that he found his tongue! i'm sure it's adorable! :)

  3. Of course Samuel is smart-he has a smart mommy (and I'm sure daddy is smart, too!)! Praising Jesus for the great news and praying He continues to do great things in Samuel!

  4. Great news!!!! Hope everything continues to get better and better.

  5. Oh yes..Samuel keeps proving to us his miracleous life from beginning...I love the moments he give you to know that, yep, we are in this for the long haul and "yes" God has walked the steps before us...sometimes we fall and he cames back and get us, even when he has to carry us for a bit, but I know God is always excited with we get to skip along side him...and it sounds like today could be a skipping day...GO SAMUEL GO>>>> we are SO PROUD of YOU. Thank you Lord for all you wisdom and giving determination to all our wonderful Drs and Nurses...we love you.