Friday, July 2, 2010

20 Minutes

Day 106
Weight: 4 lbs 11 oz

Samuel is now taking 4 bottles a day - which is half the number of total feeds. We need to work up to 8 bottles a day. He is getting a little better about taking the bottle the last two days. He gets about three quarters of the way through and then slows down (and sometimes throws a fit) but eventually takes the rest. Sucking that bottle is hard work!
The doctor last week decided to bump Samuel down to Lasix every other day. Then, the doctor yesterday decided to take him off Lasix entirely. So far, so good. They are watching to make sure that he doesn't begin to breathe too fast, that he doesn't gain too much weight, or that he stops making enough urine.
Samuel's cry is still very weak. I knew that it would be hoarse for a while because of being intubated (having the tube down his throat for the ventilator) but after 50+ days of vent-free recovery, I expected his cry to be better. I have been worried that Samuel might have some vocal cord damage from the tube. Carolyn mentioned this to the nurse practitioner on duty and they placed an order for Samuel to have a scope done. Come to find out, Samuel's left vocal cords have some paresis (sluggishness.) Thankfully it is very mild and he should grow out of it. The scope also showed no signs of reflux damage. Yay!
I'm getting a lot of practice with bottle feeding myself! It's tough work trying to put my ring finger under his chin, hold the bottle, spin it when he stops sucking, and give him cheek support if he needs it. I also have to pace him (give him breathing time between sucks), burp him frequently (he's a gassy boy), and do all of this within the 20 min time limit. I feel the seconds ticking away as I'm trying to get him to eat. He'll get it though!


  1. We are continuing to pray that he learns these skills quickly. He is an amazing little boy with amazing parents.

  2. The race is on and you are the can do it...I know you love a have held to the biggest one for a while can do, you can do it and the little train could, so I know you can...ok...giggle, laughter is what God gave YOU Sarah...we love ya girl..still continual pray for each of you.