Monday, June 28, 2010

Swallow Study

After two failed attempts at the bottle, the doctor is sending Samuel down to do a swallow study here in the next few minutes. It will let them know if he is aspirating the milk (which would make him not want to take the bottle.) Please pray that he hasn't aspirated and that he will begin to take the bottle eagerly once again.


  1. Praying that all will be okay with the swallow study.

  2. Sarah,

    I got your message at work today. I prayed that if Samuel was aspirating, that the test would reveal it so that the doctors would know what was best to do...I also prayed that if he was aspirating, that God would heal Samuel and to help him swallow well.

    Looking back over your blog, I am amazed at how God has seen Samuel through so many obstacles! Isn't that terrible to be amazed? I am though. Sometimes I forget how awesome our God is.

    He's Samuel's healer and all the glory is His! I love you dearly, Sarah Suzanne and will continue to pray for Samuel, you, Michael, and your family!

  3. Praying the tests come out well and Samuel starts getting into the whole bottle routine. He has come so far, I know he can do this!! Love to you and Samuel!!!!!!

  4. Hi Sarah, How did the swallow study go? I know when my baby brother was born, and when they finally started moving to the bottle, he had a really hard time coordinating the suck, swallow, breath thing. Hoping all went well or at least finding answers to lead the docs in the right direction. When I worked at Richardson Center, some of our little one needed to have thickener added to their liquids. Thinking of you and your family and praying.

  5. boy do they need an edit button... :-)