Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simply Thick

Day 103
Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz (I'm not sure if that's an accurate weight.)

Thanks everyone for the sweet messages and prayers!

The results of the swallow study weren't bad or good. Come to find out, Samuel was having a bit of trouble swallowing the milk he was getting. He wasn't exactly aspirating, but he was letting the milk get too far down the wrong direction - he was barely managing to protect his airway. After the swallow study, all of Samuel's remaining bottle feeds for the day were cancelled.

This morning, Samuel tried another bottle feed with something called "Simply Thick" (Serena you were right!) It just makes Samuel's milk a thicker consistency so that he has an easier time swallowing. His 11am feed with the occupational therapist went smoothly. At two, Carolyn gave him a bottle and it went fairly well too (he got a little tired at the end....but managed.) Hopefully his willingness will continue from here on out.

For the most part, Samuel's vitals have stabilized. Occasionally he will drop his oxygen level if he is really mad, or if someone is messing with him. He is breathing a little faster than he should - I hope to address that tomorrow with the doctor. He is also coughing and gagging some (which I hear can be a sign of reflux.)

Carolyn is back from vacation and will have him the rest of the week. Thank goodness. I'm not sure how this NICU journey would have been without her. Her focus is always on the baby - not on charting, not on cleaning, not on the computer.... I LOVE her.

Thank you again for your prayers! Samuel needed them (and still does!)

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