Monday, June 28, 2010


Day 102
Weight: 4 lbs 5 oz

There really haven't been many changes in the last couple of days. Samuel has been taking three bottles a day (we thought he would get to move to four bottles a day but the doctor doesn't want to rush him.) Samuel hasn't been consistent with the amount he takes with his bottle feeds. Sometimes he's practically grabbing the bottle away from the person feeding him, and then sometimes he doesn't care much for the bottle at all. For instance, yesterday he took 100% of both of his bottles....but then last night and this morning he took around 40%. This is our main concern right now. He needs to get up to taking at least 75% or more of every bottle eight times a day. We are very blessed that he seems interested in taking the bottle at all. I hear that some babies refuse to take it and end up with a permanent feeding tube. We continue to thank God for how far Samuel has come.
He is still on Lasix twice a day and he is still on a nasal cannula (although it doesn't do much since it spends quite a lot of time out of Samuel's nose anyway.) I'm not sure what the long term plans are for either of those. I guess we just have to wait and see how he does over the next week or two.
There was some talk about going home around his due date (the 4th of July) but it looks like it may be a bit longer. We are praying for:

Samuel to be increasingly interested in his bottles - to take all of them with ease.
Continued development of his eyes - with no need for eye surgery.
Transition off the Lasix to be quick and easy.
Samuel to show signs that he is ready to come off the oxygen completely.

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