Friday, June 25, 2010

Main Unit

Day 99
Weight: 4 lbs 2 oz

The EKG results were normal! There has been talk amongst the nurses about taking Samuel off the Lasix and nasal cannula both within the next couple of days. I guess we will see.

Samuel was moved into the 'main unit' today. I'm really never comfortable with such big changes - but it does mean that we are getting closer to going home. The babies in the room Samuel is in are the babies that are working on going home in the upcoming weeks. The problem is that the room is much noisier than Samuel is used to - and his vitals aren't quite as stable as they have been. Hopefully he will adjust in the next couple of hours.

He is still doing great with his bottles. If he does well tonight with his bottle, and gains weight, they will increase the number of bottles he gets. Instead of getting only one bottle every 12 hours, he will get two. A lot of it depends on his stamina. We continue to pray that he will not milk into his lungs.


  1. Prayers are with Samuel during these changes.

  2. Yes prayers are continuing. It is good to hear all the babysteps Samuel is taking! He is such a beautiful baby.

  3. wow....we love the news...praying I was telling Nicky mom yesterday about all the newest news she was so excited to see how God has been answering all her those prayer warriers out there...they just bless my sock off...hey can't wait to see our big big boy soon...have you have a great week end. we love ya'll sending hugs your way ;)

  4. Loving all these good reports!!! God has answered all our prayers so faithfully. He will be home soon with his Mommy and Daddy!! Continuing to pray everyday!!!!