Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Day 97
Weight: 4 lbs 2 oz

Samuel is a yo-yo dieter.

It was a day of good news! The audiologist came by and did another hearing test on Samuel's left ear and he passed!!! He also had an eye exam that went very well too. His eyes have just reached the beginning of zone three (the last zone of development) - we are almost to the point where we don't have to worry about his eyes so much. He still isn't showing signs of needing eye surgery.

Samuel took a bottle this morning and did a very good job. He took his entire feed. This afternoon they tried to give him another bottle and it was almost as successful. He got a little tired half way through....and he spit up a small amount....but he took most of the bottle in the end. Tomorrow they are going to try giving him a bottle in the morning, then a bottle late at night. That way he has more time to rest between attempts.

This kid is always awake. I can't imagine how active he would have been inside me if I had carried him to term. Most kids sleep after their bellies are full. Not Samuel. In fact, his nurse decided to take advantage of his bright-eyes and got him some toys to look at while he lays in his bassinet. It was hilarious to watch him look at the pictures. He's NEVER going to sleep now!

Tomorrow Samuel has another EKG to see how his heart is working. Hopefully it won't have changed much since his last EKG - which came back normal. We are praying that both sides of his heart are the correct size and are functioning correctly.

Thank you for your prayers today about the eye exam. I know that a lot of you also prayed over his hearing test. Don't you love answered prayers?


  1. What GREAT, GREAT news! I have been praying so hard for Samuel, and will continue to do so! God bless, Lisa

  2. Yay for great news! When you guys get home I don't want you to ever think about going back to teach. You should/need to write a book and travel the US with your precious family and share your testimony! Seriously! I pray things keep going well!

  3. How wonderful!!!! God is so great!!! Samuel is making such great leaps!!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see his progress..keeping on praying everyday for continued growth and advancement and that he can come home soon!! We love you!!!!

  4. Love hearing the updates. Can't wait to meet him.