Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Return Visit

Day 96
Weight: 4 lbs 1 oz

Another day, another adventure. Today was day two of bottle feeding - and Samuel did better. He took double what he did yesterday (about half of his total feed.) After the occupational therapist was finished, I was left to burp Samuel on my shoulder......the only problem was that the milk he took made a return visit. He spit up all over himself and all over me. If it wasn't so dangerous for him to spit up it would have been funny. Tomorrow they may give Samuel two bottles (one during the day shift and one at night) depending on how he does with the morning bottle.
Dr. Ross did discuss taking Samuel off the Lasix - but he feels like the best plan of action would be to let Samuel outgrow the dose that he is getting so that it's a gradual change. I think Samuel appreciates slow changes - so I'm happy with that plan.
Once again I asked about if we are going home with oxygen. The nurse practitioner put in an order for another EKG to double check that Samuel's heart isn't enlarged on one side. (The EKG will be on Thursday.) It sounds like Dr. Arrington would REALLY like Samuel to go home on the oxygen but Dr. Ross would prefer to get Samuel off. We'll see.
Tomorrow is Samuel's bi-monthly eye exam. Praying all goes well with that.
The weight loss today may have been due to his wiggling over the last day or two. He's taken quite nicely to being held......

maybe enjoying it TOO much.

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  1. The pics are great...oh the snuggling has gotta be grand...can't wait for the next good reports on the eyes and heart...when will they do the ears again...or did miss something on that one..he is a fast learner...day two and he is liking the leaky bottle better...i like...