Monday, June 21, 2010

The Pacifier that Leaks

Day 95
Weight: 4 lbs 2 oz

Samuel had his first experience with a bottle this morning and he didn't enjoy it all that much. After a few sucks, he realized that his pacifier was leaking something into his mouth. Not knowing what to do about it, he became very angry with the occupational therapist....and the world. Haha. He took about a fourth of what he should have, but it's a start! He just needs some practice.
I found out this morning that Samuel's hearing test results were not encouraging. They said that he passed his right ear, but failed his left. Apparently there are a few reasons why he could have failed besides being deaf in that ear.....we are praying that the results come back better next time they test him.
His eye exam will either be tomorrow or on Wednesday. As always, we need your prayers for a good report - that his eyes will have developed normally.
As I expected, Dr. Ross began discussing plans of taking Samuel off the Lasix this week! BIG step. They want to leave him on the oxygen while they attempt this in case he needs extra support. I asked about what their plans are for the oxygen...if we are going to go home with it. It sounds like they are leaning toward sending him home with it....even though his heart echo came back fine. They will do another echo before he goes home to make sure that it is still ok.
All in all, it's been a good day. Sounds like we are in for another spell of waiting. Waiting for Samuel to take the bottle. Waiting for more growth. Waiting for eyes and ears to develop.


  1. Hey, as I think about this post on Samuel, each step when there is a change...Sarah he is smart...he knows everything going on...he tell ya about it....HE IS SMART...all is going to be the updates...thanks

  2. WOW! sarah, every time i stop by to check on you guys i am amazed by samuel's progress! we have a family friend who's little boy was born at 25 weeks. he is now about 18 months and doing pretty well, but samuel is blowing him out of the water! praying that he continues to grow and improve reaching all his milestones.

  3. Poor little guy, the leaking pacifier must have been quite a surprise, but he'll figure it out. He is just leaping ahead now!! Praying specifically for him and for you too!!!! I met a lady in Penney's last week with her little premie on oxygen. She was doing well and just a little bigger than Samuel. Her Mom is praying for you too!

  4. Don't worry about the vision and hearing tests...often premie's will go home without passing them only to pass them when they are about 5 or 6 months old. I know mine did !
    Still praying daily,

    PS: LOVE hearing you talk about "when he comes home ...".