Monday, June 14, 2010


Day 88
Weight: 3 lbs 12 oz

Quick update:

Samuel is beginning to gain weight again. Right now he is averaging about 15-20 grams a day. We would like that to be closer to 30 grams a day - but will take what we can get! I think that being swaddled in the bassinet is helping a lot.
Feeding through Samuel's stomach tube is still going well. Dr. Arrington scrunched his feeds down again today. When I say that they have 'scrunched' his feeds, I mean that Samuel is getting the same amount of milk per day....but he is getting more at once. He started at 11 hours on (getting milk) and one hour off (not getting milk.) Then he moved to 7 hours on and 1 hour off. Yesterday he was at 5 hours on and 1 hour off. Today he is at 3 hours on and 2 off. Please keep praying that he doesn't get any milk into his lungs. Samuel is doing so well that they may begin to bottle feed by the end of this week!
How great all of this is! I feel more like a mom than ever. I can hold him and kiss him all I want now that he is in a bassinet. He's also getting a little easier to hold now that he's nearly 4 pounds. I'd love for these wonderful days to continue.


  1. Sarah, that is incredible news! The more love from Momma, the more he hears you, and sees you the better off he is going to be (considering he's still supposed to be in your tummy) I'm so excited for you. He is so precious and we are praying for you and him.

  2. Amazing news! I am so happy to hear this. Sarah you have been amazing mom through all this keep up the amazing work. Prayers will continue to go up for Samuel. Love you girl.

  3. I just did a happy dance and smiled really big!!!! I should take a picture and send it to you just so you could see how happy I really am for you and Samuel! Still praying that things progress!! *Hugs and love*

  4. Happy Dance! :-) I am so happy to hear good news. Continuing in prayer.

  5. What amazing news, Sarah! He is just 4 ounces away from 4 pounds! Bottle feeding will be another great leap in the right direction--and one step closer to HOME! Enjoy your first birthday as a MOMMY!!! Continuing to pray God's blessings for you, Michael and Samuel.

  6. Praying his feedings continue to go well.