Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Less is More

Day 89
Weight: 3 lbs 12 oz

I spoke too soon about the weight gain. Samuel only gained 7 grams this morning (about the same as 7 paperclips.) I really wish we could figure out what is keeping him from packing on the pounds.....
During rounds this morning, Dr. Arrington decided to go down on Samuel's Lasix dose!!!! Yay! Instead of getting it two times a day, he will only get it once. Maybe Samuel will gain weight faster now that they have backed off on the diuretic. They also decreased the amount of potassium and one more medicine that they are giving him. Less is more!
Once again they have scrunched his feeds. Today he was on two hours off one. Unfortunately today didn't go quite as well as the last few days have. Samuel is having a hard time digesting the food as quickly as they would like. It may take some time to adjust. Praying that he will do better through the night than he has during the day.
For the last four days Samuel has had only one event - he dropped his heartrate once. I'm so thrilled not to hear the monitor alarm!


  1. No bleeping/blaring monitors....a good thing!! I am so glad to hear Samuel is doing well. I love the pictures you have been posting. We keep praying for all of Samuel's needs. Slow and Steady....Samuel has come so far in such a short time...in the relative grand scheme of things...although three months in the hospital must seem like an eternity. The time will soon come when you will finally be able to take him home. I am so glad you get to be able to stay at home with your little boy! But will surely miss a great teacher! PS...Hope you had a great birthday!!

  2. Let me guess? Risiduals! Oh how I remember that with Bry! Seems like they go up on feeds really fast and their tummy has trouble handling. My preemie son's main issue was with digestion. He still, to this day can have very little juice, always diluted, and NEveR any soda (my choice on soda). His tummy doesn't love suger and most of the time he eats like a bird. Still, how wonderful things seem to be!!!! yay! Praying the NICU roller coaster is over soon! I told my dad your story yesterday and he was just SOOO amazed! You are going to have a great platform for Christ!

  3. Hey, you are still doing good....just wondering I know weight and digestive is a big objectives...is this our big goals right now or could you set our news one for us to pray about again...I guess our peepee needs to gets to that steady stream and is our poopy diapers still doing ok...I know asking questions....just so much happening, and would love to cross lots of stuff off our list...horray....thanks for all you updates

  4. Slowly but surely things are getting better and I am praising God for His blessings. Haven't had a chance to get online for several days, but I have been praying constantly...Love and miss you sweetheart!!!