Saturday, June 12, 2010


Day 86
Weight: 3 lbs 10 oz (still)

We've made more progress.....just not in weight.
Today Dr. Arrington finally gave in and moved Samuel out of the isolette and into a bassinet. Samuel was in heaven! He was sleeping much better all bundled up. The nurses are impressed with how well he is maintaining his body temperature too. Hopefully we will see some weight gain tomorrow. When I left him this evening, Samuel was breathing a little fast...but otherwise doing great.
The first full day of feeding through the stomach has gone really well! The doctors will now begin to scrunch Samuel's feeds down to a shorter amount of time each day (so that his stomach stretches out since it hasn't been used) and eventually get to the point where he is being fed a large amount once every three a normal baby would be. Then on to bottles!
It's wonderful to see Samuel in his bassinet. It makes me so happy not to have to stick my hands in the portholes of the isolette like I'm disabling a bomb.
Just before we put him in his new bed, Michael and I gave him a swaddle bath (new bed, clean body, new clothes) To be honest, I'm always scared to give Samuel a bath. It's terrifying to take all of the monitor leads and things off him. I can't watch him on the monitor to make sure he is ok. ....yes I know....I'll have to get used to it since I won't have a monitor at home.
The last couple of days Samuel's sodium levels have been really high. They are working on getting it down. His kidneys aren't expelling the sodium from his body like they should. Those kidneys. Such a pain.
Overall it's been a good day. Carolyn has worked the last three days and will now be gone on vacation for two weeks. I'm going to miss her while she is gone. She always gives me her opinion on things - not to mention that I trust her with Samuel. I'm happy that he is at a good place now though. I can't imagine how hard it would have been if she had left when he was really sick!
Hopefully it will be another great week!

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  1. I haven't heard how the tests went ? I'll assume fine since he's in a big boy bed !
    Still praying daily,