Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big Boy

Day 84
Weight: 3 lbs 10 oz

It's been a busy week and I haven't had a chance to update!

I mentioned in the last post that Samuel was wearing clothes. Little did I know that it would become such an ordeal. On Monday, Samuel was cute as can be in his onesie.....but unfortunately stopped gaining weight. Dr. Arrington found out on Tuesday that Samuel was turned to room air temperature and he wasn't thrilled. He attributes Samuel's lack of weight gain to being cold. Samuel didn't seem cold to me. I thought Samuel wasn't gaining weight because he is so active. He is awake and moving ALL THE TIME. I was excited about going to room temperature because I thought Samuel would feel better once he was swaddled. We didn't get a chance to test my theory. Dr. Arrington told the nurse to turn up the temperature on the bed but keep Samuel in his clothes (and add a hat.) Lets just say that Samuel got REALLY hot and stayed hot for two days. Today they decided to turn him back to skin temperature (no clothes again.) I'd rather give up clothes so Samuel feels better.
Yesterday Samuel had an eye exam. It wasn't good or bad news. His eyes haven't developed completely and didn't seem to make much progress in two weeks. The good news is that they aren't showing signs of needing surgery.
Samuel's flow has been decreased significantly this week - today we are at an eighth of a liter at 100% oxygen and he is doing great! He is doing most of the work on his own. His blood test was good too - CO2 was 46.
This morning Samuel was taken down a floor so that they could do the study on his stomach. They were looking to see how many times he refluxed in an hour. Apparently he had 5 little refluxes, which was good enough for them to begin feeding him through his stomach. This is a trial by fire. The nurse will have to keep Samuel from refluxing. If he refluxes, he could potentially aspirate (get milk into his lungs.)
The doctor showed me Samuel's chest x-ray from this morning. His lungs look the best that they ever have! Dr. Arrington said that they look 94% normal (as in....very little chronic lung disease showing.)
So with all of that good news, can you believe that I'm still worried about something?!? I know. It's appalling. I'm mostly concerned with getting Samuel to gain weight (without baking him in the isolette.) Being at a stand-still is concerning if we don't know exactly why he isn't growing. The temperature thing is a potential reason. I'm also praying that his feeds go well. Without ANY problems, they will feed him through his stomach for two weeks via tube - then bottle feed him - THEN they could POSSIBLY consider sending him home.
(yes...I said the 'h' word.)


  1. Hey girl, I just wanted you to know that we were able to bring my son home before he could hold his own tempurature. We brought him home July 7 in the heat of the summer, he was all bundled and wearing his little hat. I remember the day he started regulating his own body temp, we were frantic to get his fever down! Ha. ACH was on the phone with us the whole time and laughingly said "Congratulations mom, your Little boy can now regulate his own temp". My son also aspirated milk and got aspirated pneumonia. They will catch it quick and handle it. I'm so glad things are going well (as well as a NICU rollercoaster can be). Still praying for you.

  2. So glad that there are so many good things to report! I continue to keep Samuel in my prayers!!!

  3. Not only did you say the "h" word, you said a four-letter "h" word! How exciting! Keeping your precious family in our prayers!

  4. Sweet Sarah...Halleluia...the news is getting better and better, just down to the fine tuning now. I know it all seems to be taking forever to you as you watch his every breath and movement, but he has come so far and God is working hard to make sure all is as it should be. He will be home soon now and you then you can get down to the diapers and feedings and all the kisses and snuggles. Praying the time goes by quickly for you and Samuel makes giant steps forward. We love and miss you!!