Monday, June 7, 2010


Day 81
Weight: 3 lbs 8 and a half oz

Alright....let's catch you up on what's been goin' on:

Yesterday I walked into the NICU to discover that the night nurse had dressed Samuel in a little onesie! It's funny how it makes such a difference in the way he looks. For some reason it makes him seem less fragile. And it's just too cute!
He isn't gaining weight exceptionally fast. That seems to be ok with everyone except the nutritionist. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow we will have gained some. They went up on his feeds again today so he is getting more milk per hour. I can't wait until he breaks the 4 lbs mark. I'll have to go to Shakes and buy myself several concretes to celebrate - that way, I can gain 4 lbs myself. :)
Today the doctor decided to turn his flow down to .5 liter. ::exciting!:: Just hoping that he can do it. Last time we went down to half a liter, Samuel began having quite a few events. So far he has been doing fairly well. The nurse has had to go up on his oxygen to 25% (still pretty awesome though!)
They are talking about doing the study on Samuel's stomach this week. (they've been saying that for a few weeks now.) I'm constantly praying that the opportunity to do it comes at the right time and that Samuel does not take any milk into his lungs.
Did I ever write that Samuel wasn't a fussy baby? - because if I did, I lied. Good grief! This kid is inconsolable. Of course I would be too if I had two tubes going down my throat, a hurricane going up my nose, and a bunch of stuff taped to my face. Poor little guy. Thank goodness for the pacifier!
Tomorrow is Samuel's renal ultrasound. They will look to see if there is any calcium build-up in his kidneys. Things might get complicated if there is.....


  1. Sarah, 1st thought things are still in the fast lane as I read trying to hurry to read all the news, but realize at the still just not fast enough for us...but Yes you are exactly right....God ya girl PS...when the 4 lbs come, we will have a sonic blast with ya...this is be Nicky's favorite part :)

  2. Deb's so right..We want it all fixed right now, but God's timing is impeccable. Samuel has come so far and we are praying him right along. Thank goodness he won't remember any of the tubes and discomfort as he grows up, but he may hang on to that pacifier for awhile. And Sarah, you couldn't get fat if you tried, so don't even worry about it!! Love you!!!!

  3. I think we all need to have a Samuel 4 Feast! Everyone has ice cream to celebrate and give thanks to God for all 4 glorious, wonderful, and sweet lbs of him!
    Man! Sonic is gonna be busy! giggles