Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Day 51
Weight: 2 lbs 8 ounces
(lost some weight because he is working hard to breathe)

No mouth....more drool. :)

Push-ups in bed.

When I came in this evening, Samuel had a surprise for me..... The picture didn't turn out great, but he is holding a white rose.

Sheila is Samuel's weekend nighttime primary nurse. She gave me flowers (from Samuel.)

Skin-to-skin today. I love not having to deal with the ventilator!

Samuel's absolute FAVORITE thing is his pacifier. I think this picture is sweet because it looks like he is praying.

Samuel has been off the ventilator for three days now! His blood test shows that his CO2 levels are rising each day. We need those to level off or Samuel will have to be put back on the ventilator. We also need to pray that he can keep up the work once the steroids have ended - only a few more days left of them! I'm so thankful for the days we've had off of the ventilator! We will know more after his blood test in the morning (usually around 6am.)
It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I got to see Michael graduate - so proud of him - and Samuel had a great weekend too. If my boys are happy, I'm happy. :)
Samuel is officially on full feeds!!!! He is making great diapers (wet ones and poopy ones) by himself! He is doing so great that they have stopped giving him TPN (nutritional supplement.) He is solely working off milk now.
The doctors will take him off the morphine completely tomorrow. They have been weening it since Thursday. I'll be happy when it's gone and Samuel can settle down. When the morphine stops, then the iv in his leg can be taken out. Yay!
Today was the first time I've heard Samuel cry. Before, the ventilator tube would not allow his vocal cords to touch (and he didn't make any sound.) Now, I can hear a faint squeak of a cry - he will be a bit hoarse for a while. Today he cried so hard and got so mad when he lost his pacifier that he sent his heart rate up to 204. His usual is 150.
The on-call doctor today was telling me how happy he is with Samuel's progress. Hearing that news was the best mother's day gift anyone could give. :)
Happy Mother's Day ladies....


  1. What a wonderful blessing Sarah!! I am so happy for you both and for Michael too. Happy first Mother's Day!!! Still praying and will continue!!

  2. I am so glad that you had a wonderful weekend-from seeing Michael graduate to having your first Mother's Day and getting to hold Samuel again! I can only imagine how joyful your heart must feel! Who knew that hearing your baby cry would be such a blessing! We continue to pray that God will overflow you with blessings!

  3. So excited last night when Pastor said he was still off the, so wonderfully thankful for all that is happening...praying continually for all..and just tickled you got to see Michael graduate...what a blessing...what a great weekend...what a Great ya

  4. That is so awesome Sarah!! I'm so happy for you guys!! Still prayig!

  5. So thankful for all God is doing for you & Samuel! Glad you got to see Michael graduate & Samuel was good with you gone! What a bunch of sweet pictures! He's a sweet boy! Love the drool! We'll continue to pray for no need for ventilator & his great strength & growth with a peaceful calming coming off the morphine!
    We love y'all & Happy 1st Mothers Day! So glad you had a great weekend! May God continue to lift you up & those you & your family come in contact with!

  6. Such good news to here , I've been updating all my family and friend
    praying for Samuel and your family.... Kyle says hi an misses u,our
    prayers will continue.....

  7. Love Love Love the pictures!!! I'm so happy and excited for you and the progress that Samuel has made!!
    No words for the joy and happiness I have for you and Michael right now! :) Love you!! Hugs!

  8. Tears of joy fill my eyes for you Sarah! God is so good to us. I am so thankful that HE loves us and answers our prayers. I will continue on this journey of presistent prayer with you.

  9. Sarah,
    What great news. I am praying things continue to improve and for God's will to be fulfilled in Samuel's life. Your story makes Mothers day extra special! Glad to hear you were able to celebrate with Michael last weekend. Take care. Love the pictures.