Friday, May 7, 2010


And for all of you who waited in suspense.....

He did it!!!! Samuel came off the ventilator at 10 am this morning and has been breathing on his own ever since. What an answer to prayer! We are so excited!!!! Samuel has taken quite nicely to his new freedom. He's practically doing push ups in the bed.....crawling all over the place....and begging me to put him in my pocket and take him home. :)

The nurses have been watching and will continue to watch to see if Samuel is having to work too hard to breathe. They will also watch his vitals for signs of wearing's a lot of work to breathe! This evening when I checked on him last, he was beginning to show a few signs of fatigue. Hopefully this is just a transition stage for him and that once he gets adjusted to being on his own, he will be fine. If not, he will have to go back on the ventilator for a while until he can get stronger. We are prepared for that outcome but still praying for his strength!!! I'm so proud that he has made it through an entire day by himself!!!

The nurse practitioner decided to leave in the last iv line for a few more days. They also decided not to increase his feeds today since they had plans for extubation. His morphine was decreased once again. The chest x-ray looked even better.

I'll update again tomorrow sometime with a picture. Keep praying for strength for Samuel's little body. He could also use some rest - so pray for a calming spirit too.

Isn't God so amazing!


  1. Praise God Praise God! I'm so happy for Samuel! I knew he could do it! Praying for Gods blanket of comfort & peace as he rest tonight & grows alittle more! Rest for Mom too! Hoping you get to go see Michael too! Congratulations Daddy! We love you & will keep on praying God continues His Great work in Samuel! Thank you for Sharing your excitement & joy over flowing!

  2. heart pounds with excitement and joy and the thought of the mommy and daddy look on each of your faces...this is the God I serve...Samuel I am so proud of you....You are such a mighty mighty little fellor and what a ministy you have already...Love ya

  3. From your mouth to God`s ears. I am praying with you. So thankful to see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

  4. I am so happy for Samuel. He has come so far! Hoping this also means you get to hold him more!! What a greate Mother's Day present!

  5. that should be 'great' :-)

  6. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Happy Mother's day Sarah!! Congratulations Michael!!

  7. Sarah,
    Momma is a word I love to hear, I was thinking this morning.

    Soon you will get to experiance the same thing...and when Samuel says Dada 1st, you gonna say just like all us moms..

    "hey what about the Momma....we did all the hard work..." and then you try as hard as you can to get Samuel to say MaMa and then one day...

    yes one hear the words...

    oh my...this is what God let us hold and cherish...

    we are the blessed ones to have somethings so special as our children...

    just thoughts from one Mom to another...
    love ya

  8. Sarah, I am so overjoyed that Samuel made it off the ventilator. I am sitting here laughing and praising God for His goodness and thanking Him for His amazing love and kindness. Happy Mother's Day Sweet Sarah and congratulations to Michael!!! Still praying 24/7 and I won't stop!
    Love you!!

  9. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! God Is SO Good! =)
    Thank you for sharing this great news!
    I'm continuing to keep Samuel in my
    prayers...and by the way, have a wonderful
    and blessed Mother's day tomorrow!

  10. It's not quite midnight yet, but HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

  11. Sarah,
    Happy Mother's Day.
    You and Michael are a very special young couple and Samuel is a blessed little man to have you as his parents.
    Kathy and Carl

  12. Hi Sarah, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

  13. Happy Mother's Day!!!!! Hope your day was GREAT!

  14. Happy Mother's Day, Sarah! I love you dearly! I hope that you had a great day. I would love to come see you soon! I miss you!