Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Day 54
Weight: 2 lbs 9 ounces
As you can tell, we haven't gained much in the weight department in the last week. The doctors continue to increase Samuel's feeds. They are also adding human milk fortifier - which provides extra calories to the milk.
Today we FINALLY got rid of the last pic line (iv line). Dr. Arrington said that some babies get sick when the line is pulled. Praying that doesn't happen to Samuel. The Christmas tree (iv pole with all of the medication pumps) is finally gone and the only thing left is the milk pump. They also moved out the ventilator....a good sign that they think it won't be needed again. This is day 5 off of the ventilator.
Tomorrow is his last day of steroids so we will see how Samuel does completely on his own. Today was the first day that his monitors began beeping again. He has dropped his oxygen level and heart rate several times. I'm hoping that it isn't a sign that Samuel is getting tired of breathing.
The chest x-ray was disturbingly cloudy for the first time in a couple of days. I was hoping that being off the ventilator would help his lungs...not make them worse. We are waiting to see how they look tomorrow in hopes that the x-ray today wasn't a good shot.
Samuel had another head ultrasound today. His last one until he goes home. In previous ultrasounds, grade 2 head bleeds have been seen in Samuel's brain. Today his head ultrasound came back normal. The radiologist didn't even mention signs of a brain bleed at all.
Tomorrow Samuel will have another eye exam. Increased levels of oxygen can cause scarring that eventually leads to the retinas detaching. If they catch this problem early enough, they can do laser surgery to correct it. Of course, we'd like for there not to be a need for surgery.
I love how calm things are right now and how many steps forward we have taken. It makes me happy.
Continually praying: healing of Samuel's lungs, protection of intestines, against infection, wisdom for the nurses and doctors, weight gain, strength for Samuel, eyes, his future.


  1. Sarah, so so many are continuing to pray, I love hearing so many speak of how Samuel has touched thier lives but more so how I know that I know that our God "Can do what He says He can DO! love ya

  2. Sarah, I want to mention a testimony of a young man in our church who did not believe in healing. When his wife was pregnant with their second girl she has a car accident and she was fine...It was not until many years later when this young man was questioning God on healing and the Lord spoke to him and said do you remember when you unborn daughter was in the accident. I took healed her before she was even born...God doen't always have show us His wonderful powerful...He does it for our faith to be greater..He is working every moment, I can't give Him praise enough for Samuel for the seen and the unseen things He is doing each moment!

  3. I look forward to your reports each day and pray for Samuel, for you and for Michael. The past couple of days I've meditated on Psalm 77:19,20 - "Your road led through the sea, Your pathway through the mighty waters - a pathway no one knew was there...You led Your people like a flock..." This just speaks to me that the road you're on, and the one my grandson facing chemo is on are God's pathway for each, pathways we could never have imagined, but designed by God; and the comfort is that He is leading, not driving or sending, but leading. I just imagine our little "lambs" snuggling up to Him, as they walk, as we all (His flock) walk through the sea. I pray you enjoy a real sense of His presence with you today.

  4. Another day in this persistent prayer journey. So thankful for all of the progress and continue to ask for all needs to be met above and beyound what we can ask or think!

  5. Praying every morn, same time!

  6. We are so incredibly grateful for all the progress Samuel has made and are praying hard that he continues to go forward at a quick rate. Praying that the bad times are over for you and for him. So many praying all over the world and God is hearing every one of of them. Praying for healing and growth for Samuel and peace and joy for you and Michael. You have been through a great storm, but the sun (Son) is shining now...Love you!!!

  7. Got a txt from Deb last night & ask the kids to pray right then with me for Samuel. Mackimlee went straight to her knees in front of our Prayer Lily & started praying without me! She now has 4 prayer palms on our plant & she prays for each person she has assigned to them. (Samuel, Josie, Skylar, & Larry) God has created a lil' intercessor here, thru Samuel! We will be praying steadily today for his continued growth & calmness & all his organs to function as designed! He's going to continue to change as he grows
    & comes off of the external aids.
    Comfort & peace to you Sarah. Know when you feel no strength we are here holding you up in prayer! In Christ Love! Kim

  8. Sarah I was just thinking about y'all & wanted to tell you that we are praying for God's comfort & peace to be with you! Get some rest & don't let yourself get down! Lifting you up with a refreshing that only comes from our Lord! Prayers & faith in believing God has it all in His hands! Ly