Sunday, April 18, 2010

Samuel...not Sam.

It's hard to tell because it's a dark picture...but Samuel is sucking on a pacifier - a little bitty pacifier. He doesn't quite get how it works yet and he can't keep it in his mouth, but he's working on it.

Sleeping on his belly - Samuel's favorite way to sleep.

Samuel's diaper (which is too big for him) and a big-boy diaper.

It's been a good day. Samuel has had a few poopy diapers - the feeding is going well - and there are no signs of bowel perforation. The surgeons are very happy with his abdominal x-rays and have told us that they will begin to fade into the background now that Samuel is better. They feel that he is ready for an increase in his feeds (I'm not sure when that will happen.)

The doctors began the steroids on Friday night. This morning the chest x-ray doesn't show any difference in Samuel's lungs but his blood gases (blood test that's taken every 6 hours) are improving. His vitals are more stable today and for the first time in several weeks, Samuel seems to be resting well. He has even come down on the ventilator settings a little - and his oxygen is down to 31%. I'm very happy about the change and I'm ready to see some of this reflected on his chest x-ray.

Samuel will get another head ultrasound on Tuesday. At this point, the head ultrasounds are routine....but they still make me nervous. Once a baby is past the 15 day mark, the chances of head bleeds decrease drastically. I still get really anxious though. I'm believing for another good result.

Tomorrow Samuel will be a month old! :) I can't believe how quickly and how slowly time has gone by.
To think it was only a month ago that I was happily pregnant - teaching away......
To think I've been a mommy for a month!
To think how my life has changed....
I've never known love like this. :)


  1. sarah he is absolutely beautiful! prayers for strength, peace, and always to have hope...

  2. Sarah, Samuel is such a beautiful baby! I am so glad he has had some good days. We are continuing in our prayers.

  3. Sarah you don't know me but I am friends with Michelle Swearing and she has asked her facebook friends to pray. I put Samuel in our prayer book at church today and I have my mom and my aunt praying for baby Samuel. I am a firm believer in prayer and my mom says the rosary everyday and myself and my husband and children are praying for you and your family.

  4. Sarah, so excited of Samuels little belly and now he can really eat and grow even stronger...and the oxygen level...that is great...still praying for his lungs to get strong and the vent to be gone...Yes the day is coming soon...we continue to fast and pray for each of you..thanks so much for all the updates and the wonderful pictures...he looks like such a big boy now :o)

  5. Such good news Sarah...I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear the progress he's making. I can't believe he's a month old already either!! He is looking so good now! I will still be praying constantly for his continued growth and healing and most especially his little lungs, and for you too Mommy...I know you must be exhausted physically and emotionally. We all love you so much!!!!!!!!

  6. That is great news! Been praying for Samuel and will continue praying! God bless =)


  8. I am so happy for Samuel and his family. We are all growing with Samuel in our faith, love and admiration for all that GOD is and ...all that HE does. Consistent in hope, consistent in prayer. There is nothing to hard for GOD. I am always believing to see the goodness of GOD in the land of the living.

  9. Happy Birthday Samuel. A month ago you came into this world and changed so many lives. You have done so much in a small time and in such a small body. I look forward to see how you will continue to change the world as you grow older and stronger!

  10. Happy one month birthday Samuel! And happy one month of mommy-hood, Sarah! I am so anxious to begin feeling this amazing love you describe for Samuel for my little one, too!