Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goodnight Sweetheart

Samuel's abdominal x-ray this morning looked much better! He began continuous feeds today. Good news! However, his belly is looking even larger than it has been. Part of it is because he is getting a steady stream of milk into his belly, and part of it is that his intestines need to kick in. Still nervous about a bowel perforation....
We had another chance to do kangaroo care (skin-to-skin) today. Samuel did a good job. Hopefully another opportunity will present itself in the next couple of days.
Samuel's daytime primary nurse will be taking the night shift this week instead of the daytime. I'm a little sad that I wont be around her all day but at least I'll sleep better knowing that she is with him. Samuel's doctor, Dr. Arrington, will be back tomorrow (the doctors on Samuel's team rotate.) I'll be able to find out more about his long term plan for Samuel's care.
When I left Samuel tonight he was doing well. I've asked for everyone to pray for a good night tonight....specifically that his lungs will do their job well and heal; that he will have a poopy diaper; that his intestines work as they should; and that he sleeps well.

Goodnight sweetheart.... I love you baby boy.


  1. Sarah ... These days I am allowing your words to be my prayers also. That is why I say from your mouth to God`s ears alot. A mother`s faith is very powerful I am praying with you as are so many others. Praising God for all that He is doing!

  2. Sarah, Dr. Arrington was Kiyoshi's Dr. he is great.. I loved how he made me more in involved with his care each day...He answered every question no matter how big or small. You are such a strong, brave woman. We weren't there as long as you have been and I thought I was going to have a nervous break down. You have so much faith and strength, I pray I can have as much as you do. I am overjoyed that you get to do kangaroo care with him

  3. I am praying right along with you dear Sarah!! From the moves of God I am seeing at church and all around us, He is definately keeping you all in His hand...We love and miss you!!

  4. Sarah, so glad to hear Samuel has had some good days! It makes the healing process happen just a little faster. We continue in our prayers for little Samuel.