Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Weekend

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. His drooling mouth is worth a giggle. :)

My mom, peeking into Samuel's isolete.

For the most part, we are still having good days....
This morning his chest x-ray looked a little more hazy than it has. They are looking more hazy again because the steroids are almost finished. The answer to this chronic lung disease seems to be growth and time. The doctor today told me that we will probably be dealing with this for months. I'm hoping for a shorter time frame than that. So far we haven't seen much rebound from the steroids. Samuel continues to stay on the lower ventilator settings. :)
Samuel's abdominal x-ray was much better this morning. They began feeds again last night and it seems to be going well. If all is well tonight, they will increase his feeds tomorrow. We are still watching the belly closely for signs of bowel perforation.
An order has been put in so that I can do kangaroo care everyday. I'm thrilled with the prospect. Samuel will need to continue to make progress and respond well to being held. Today he did ok....he had to go up on the oxygen while I held him, and he was restless when they put him back in his bed.
This evening Samuel had an episode. He dropped his heartrate and his oxygen level and didn't pick it back up like he usually does. The nurses were having to work with him for several minutes to get him to breathe the meantime, Samuel was turning purple. It was the worst episode that Samuel has had in a while. Please pray that we don't have another one any time soon.
Tomorrow is a big day for Samuel. Both of his steroids end, he may begin having bigger feeds, and, if possible we will do more kangaroo care.
I would like these good days to continue into next week and beyond....


  1. Sweet Sarah...continuing prayers here!!! I am so happy that you can do the Kangaroo care. I can only imagine how wonderful it is to feel that little heart beating nexdt to yours and hold him close. It must have been so scary when he had his episode. Thank God for the constant care he has there. I am praying for continued growth and strength for Samuel and peace and rest for you too. God has everything under His control and I think He has some great plans for that boy, and you too. Love you so much. Know I'm praying all the time!!

  2. From your mouth to God`s ears. I am persistent in prayer for all these needs knowing Samuel is in HIS hands. May HIS peace be with you all.

  3. Hi Sarah, so sorry 2 hear about the set back, but he has already proven he'a a fighter. still continuing 2 pray till he comes home. but I cant tell you how great it was 4 Hana 2 c u & know you really r ok.. thank u 4 doing that, it just shows your dedication to our kids. DONT EVR 4GET THAT YOUR DEDICATION 2 BEING A MOM IS 1K FOLD and u r doing awesome :)

  4. sarah i like kangaroo care, i have to giggle a little but what a have the bestest pouch around...cuddle Samuel for all of us...loving each of you more and more...

  5. I hate that I missed you this week. Marc and I are still praying for Samuel and you all. Marc has said the most incredible uplifting things about your situation. I wish he was willing to share them all with you. Have a very blessed week. Enjoy holding your sweet little boy.

  6. Sarah thank you for sharing your Samuel time with us today! It was so special! You will continue to bless us & those you & Samuel come in contact with! He did do a great job picking you & Michael for his parents! We will continue to pray for his growth & poopy diapers & No vent & a perfect heathy boy (not limiting our God)!
    Rest easy! :)