Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kangaroo Care

Carolyn, Samuel, and I getting all snuggly. The red light on Samuel's hand reads the oxygen saturation of his blood.

Per doctors orders, we began kangaroo care today! Carolyn helped Samuel and I get situated in a chair (very difficult to do since Samuel is hooked up so so many wires, tubes, and machines....) and I held him for a few hours. The first hour I spent just looking at him....then we took a nap. He did great. Studies have shown that premature babies do better when they have skin to skin contact.... I'm not going to argue. :)

The x-ray of Samuel's lungs stayed about the same this morning. However, they were able to ween a few more of his ventilator settings. This afternoon they had to go back up on one setting - but overall, he has come a long way since beginning the steroids. His vitals continue to be fairly stable.

The x-ray of Samuel's abdomen still showed a dilation of his intestines. The air in his stomach is still there too. The doctors stopped his feeds today and hope to continue them tomorrow if the x-ray looks better. When Samuel's bowel perforated a few weeks ago, the doctors drained out his belly, but had to leave his intestine to heal the hole on its own. Sometimes in babies, when the hole heals, it will leave scar tissue behind and cause a stricture where digested food cannot pass through. They are watching to make sure that this is not happening to Samuel. If it is a stricture, the doctors can try stretching it out by feeding or they can wait until Samuel is bigger and do surgery. I'd like to avoid both of these situations. We will just pray that his intestines kick in and work like they need to. He could use a nice poopy diaper....

So much to pray about - and I'm glad to know that you are praying. I can promise that you are teaching me a lesson about faithful prayers. I know how difficult it is to continue to pray for someone on a regular basis. You are amazing.

Have I mentioned that Samuel made his nation-wide television debut this week? He has always been a star to me.


  1. How wonderful that you are able to hold and cuddle your sweet baby boy! I have been praying for Samuel since the first moment my friend Joey posted on facebook to pray for him! I will continue to hold him up in prayer!

    God bless,

  2. Glad 2 hear all is going well.. National tv already....he's startin early. We love and miss you.
    Sheryl & Kohana

  3. Hi Sarah, so glad that you are finally really able to hold and snuggle with Samuel! Praying for continued healing...without too much 'extra' intervention. The body is an amazing thing.

  4. God has used Samuel to draw people to a place in prayer where some have never been before. His journey into this world changed us all. It is a beautiful thing to see him in his mother`s arms. We are witnessing God`s goodness in the land of the living! Praying for Samuel has become as natural as breathing.

  5. Sarah, I can't can't imagine the must feel so great to feel his heart beat on your...and to see if you take the same breath together...i love you ..we do continue to pray and believe, but catch myself now praising Him more just because our Faith now get to see what we have prayed for..

  6. Here is a story of a baby that was born prematurely and survived:

    I have been praying that God will use Samuel as a testimony to the fact that life at any age is worth saving.


  7. This is so wonderful. I'm so happy for you. I know it was hard on you to be away that day you came to see us, but to go back and things still be doing FANTASTIC is great!!!!! Continuing to remember Samuel, you and Michael in prayer. Hopefully, Michael will get to hold him this weekend.

  8. Sarah, it's so wonderful to see that beautiful smile and the joy on your face!!! Samuel has already drawn so many people together in prayer and taught us so much..and everyday he bonds us all closer. You all are such an inspiration to so many and we are so grateful to our amazing God for allowing us to be a part of this miracle. We love you!!!! Still keeping you covered in prayer, 24/7.

  9. He looks just like you! TINY!!!


  10. Beautiful photos and beautiful story today! Thanking God for this special child and two very special parents!!

  11. What a joy to see you holding him. It makes my heart swell with pride for you and Michael. Samuel has taught me a lot about the effects of daily prayer- both for those I am praying for and for my own heart. Keep up the photos. I love to see you both so happy.

  12. Hey girl!!! Just wanted to let you know that although I may not comment on every single blog...I read every single blog and look you up at least 12 times a day to see if you update. I'm SO excited to see that Samuel is doing so well and to see you holding him!! I'm not gonna lie, after I saw you hold him in the last blog update I started was like a relief for me to see that you were able to do something as simple as hold you're own baby!!!
    *hugs* and prayers! Love you!!

  13. Thank you for sharing the pictures of you holding little Samuel..they are simply precious. Continued prayers are coming your way from Minnesota:)

    Take care,