Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good News

Samuel didn't have an additional brain bleed. They did see the one that they had found a few days ago - but mentioned that it looked like it had resolved some. We will continue to believe, trust, and thank God for healing Samuel's brain - that the clot will completely resolve itself and that there will be no negative side effects.

The ventilator settings did go up today. They had to increase two of his settings and he is still on 33% oxygen. The longer he is on the ventilator, the more damage is done to his lungs.

The abdominal drain is almost out! It looks like it should be out by tomorrow. The staples from Samuel's heart surgery will also come out tomorrow. The doctors are waiting on more intestinal activity (bowel sounds) before they begin feeding Samuel again. He needs to gain weight and grow to get better....so this is critical.

The sodium in his body is still too high. It has come up once again and the doctors are trying to compensate.

For the most part, we've had good news today.....one moment and one day at a time. As always, I can't say thank you enough for your prayers.


  1. Sarah, I am at the school in Wendy's office so that I can write you. I have been praying for you and Samuel fervently. My heart has been heavy for you both. Today I want you to know that God is the God of encouragement. I ask that he will encourage you in the very deepest part of your heart. That you may know that his plans always work together for good to those that love God and are called according to his purposes. The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run into it and they are safe. Run into his name today Sarah and feel his safety. I know that God already has Samuel resting in his hands the safest place. Kristen

  2. Dearest Sarah and family...we are so grateful for each small step, each moment of peace,each little bit of good news. My best friend is praying for you in California and God gave her a great peace and told her Samuel is going to make it. She has a terminal disease and He told her that she would live to see her daughter grow up when the baby was only a few months old...This June my God-daughter graduates high school and starts college, and my sweet friend will be there! God always keeps His promises and we are standing on those promises. Staying in prayer for Samuel and you..24/7!!

  3. I am so thankful for God's interventions. I am praying that things continue.

  4. A mother`s faith is amazing thing. From your mouth to God`s ears I`m praying with you.

  5. Continual thoughts and prayers. Also hoping that Michael's parents and your parents all arrived safely.

  6. Sarah and Mike, prayer advocates here in South Africa are joining us in prayer for little Samuel. We pray the Lord will continue to give you strength for each day and that you all will rest in the shelter of His wings. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.