Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Samuel's operation seems to have been a success. His vitals are much better now. The doctors did an x-ray immediately following surgery. The left lung is looking more clear. They have lowered his oxygen level - right now he is in the mid thirties. His other ventilator settings are still a little high, but they are coming down slowly.
The doctors removed the chest tube during surgery. They are following up with x-rays more frequently to make sure that the lung is no longer leaking air into the chest cavity.
His blood tests are also looking better since the surgery. Hopefully that will continue.
Samuel's kidneys aren't doing much of anything yet. He is looking more and more swollen. The doctors think it may take a couple of days for them to begin working again.
For the most part, we are better now.....other than his blood pressure being too low. The nurse on duty is a little rough and unconcerned - I can't help but want everything to be perfect.

We've made it through another storm. :)


  1. Stay strong Sarah. I have had a NICU baby. And let me tell you! Don't let those nurses get you down and if they are not answering question or are being to rough, feel free to report or request another nurse. I learned really quick that I had to speak for my son, I had to be his advocate. Even if it made a nurse mad. You and Samual deserve the kindest nurses. Every patient does and it's a shame that not all nurses are. We are still praying for you and will always be.

  2. Hey girl!! I wanted to let you know of a site (I know you're all set up here), but just to take a look:
    It's a website called Caring Bridge...basically it's like the blog you have set up here, but once you sends out a email to each individual that's signed up to the website so they get instant and up to date information. It's completely free and designed specifically for critical health cases. It lets people write messages and lets you put up pictures and "blog" about what's happening.
    Like i said...I know you're set up here, but just take a look at it...this way you wont have to text out to everyone...when you update they instantly get an email.
    Love you!!!

  3. so glad that once again Samuael and mom has made it through...God is still wow me girl

  4. Sarah, I am so thankful to hear that Samuel's surgery went well and that things are looking better today! You are an amazing mother and friend! God has given you so much strength.

  5. So glad to hear some good news..praying that all continues on a good path. We're all right here praying for you, and checking FB and blog constantly.

  6. Requested prayers from our church last night for your family. KEEP FIGHTIN LITTLE FELLER!!!