Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heart Surgery

The doctors did the Echo this morning. There is a extra artery in the heart in every baby (even full-term babies) - usually it seals within 48 hours after birth. A week ago they did an Echo and this artery was closed. Day before yesterday they did an Echo and the artery was just barely open - not enough to cause problems. Today his vitals were unstable so they decided to do the Echo again. They found that the artery is wide open now - too wide to seal with medicine.
The doctors have made the decision to operate. It should happen in the next hour or two. Before the surgery, they wanted another brain scan. Since Samuel has been through so much trauma in the last 48 hours, they were thinking that he would have a brain bleed. Thankfully it came back without any changes (there has been a slight brain bleed before now.)
Praying that God directs the doctors hands - that the surgeon will be focused, careful, precise, confident, and knowledgeable. We also are praying that this surgery will be successful - that it will correct some of the other problems that Samuel has been having.
Don't be discouraged - and don't give up praying. God is the author of creation...I'm sure His hands are large enough for this tiny baby.


  1. Definately praying! Love you! *hugs!*

  2. The middle school is now praying too. There are plenty of prayers for this little darling. We lover you.

  3. We will be praying for you! I love the last sentence in your post "Don't be discouraged - and don't give up Praying. God is the author of creation...I'm sure His hands are large enough for this tiny baby." Very well put. Stay strong mommy and daddy Pope.

  4. Today was the family shopping day, and as neither my sister-in-law nor Mother-in-law are very strong, Ron came along to push one of the carts. This gave me the chance to pray and talk to God instead of driving. All day long little Samuel has been been flooding my heart and thoughts and prayers, even more than usual. God is calling all His prayer warriors together for Samuel and all of you. We are standing strong on His Promises!! Know how much you are loved and rest in His Peace!!!

  5. Keeping Samuel in my prayers, and the entire family! May God give you peace during this very trying time! God bless!