Monday, August 26, 2013

What I Wanted to Say

What I wanted to say this morning as I dropped Samuel off:

"Dear Teacher,
I know what it's like to watch all of those sweet babies walk into your classroom on their first day.  I know what it's like to wish that those worried and anxious parents at the door would leave you to your job.  'He will do great!  Don't worry!' you say.

The thing is, it doesn't feel good to be on this side of things.  I didn't know that I would want to tell you that Samuel is not just another kid.  He's MY kid.  And we have been through a lot.  He has overcome a lot.  He has a lot to learn.

Please be aware that many of the things he needs help with are the things that we are working on - at home and at therapy.  He has made a lot of progress!  Be patient with him.  ENCOURAGE HIM TO EAT and understand that HE WILL NOT DRINK that cup of milk you're providing for him.  Sorry.  We are just happy that he eats and drinks (anything.)

So although hundreds of kids have walked through your classroom doors and hundreds more will in the future, remember that this kid is everything to me.  Teach him with grace.  Give him love.  And share Christ with him.  I'm excited to see how he grows.

  Just Another Anxious Mother"

But what I really said was, "Have a GREAT day Samuel!  I love you!"

And he didn't turn back...which was exactly what I wanted.


  1. A big step for you both and you both did it beautifully!!!! Big hugs and love!!

  2. Oh goodness, i'm all misty eyed! Samuel is such a big, strong, brave little boy!! I hope one day Caleb will look up to Samuel and see him as the great example he is, and that I can be as strong as you are when it's time to drop Caleb off at school for the first time. Way to go, both of you!

  3. Tears falling! That will be me next year! We hope!

  4. It's so hard to let them go, but at the same time, isn't it exactly what we wished for as they lay connected to ventilators? My kids LOVED going to preschool last year, and they can't wait to start this year. They start next week. They learned so much by watching and talking to the other kids. It really was the best therapy! He is going to do great. Love how his eyes match his blue shirt.

  5. sooo cute!!! I've been thinking about preschool, that is so great he started!! When we get to that, I wonder will I or should I tell their teacher about their rough beginning? HOw much will I share? Congrats to both of you, huge milestone!!!

  6. Sarah,

    I just got around to reading this. As a teacher, I would have to agree that is how we feel every year we get a new classroom full of students. I, however, am exactly like you. This year Blake began Kindergarten. I was extremely emotional, but held myself together as we walked him in to his class. Instead of him running to hug me a million times or ask me to stay, he looked at me as if he was ready for me to go. I knew at that moment just how grown up he is. I will NEVER turn down a hug, kiss or an "I love you, Mom" no matter what I might be doing. Samuel is growing so much and his teachers should be more than thankful he has overcome so many challenges because of that stubborn instinct he gets from his mother.