Saturday, March 2, 2013

My American Husband

Getting one's citizenship isn't quite as easy as saying, "I do" at the altar...regardless of how Hollywood portrays it.  Five years, and thousands of dollars later, Michael is finally a US citizen!

The occasion was a bit bittersweet for him I think.  He will always be a Zimbabwean at heart, but it just made sense for him to acquire US citizenship.  Zimbabwe's loss.  America's gain.

The kids and I were, sadly, unable to attend the ceremony.  Samuel managed to catch a stomach bug and was very ill all morning.  But we hope to celebrate with friends and family soon!

Yup...that's the whitest African-American I've ever seen!  

Way to go Michael!


  1. So proud to call you an American, you do us honor Michael!!! God bless you!!!

  2. Congratulations Michael.. I know it was no easy feat or decision to become a citizen. America gained a very worthy man and father. Congratulations Sarah on your hard work tutoring too ;)
    So glad to hear everything is going so well with Annalee. Praying Samuel feels better very soon. Praying for all of you. We love you guys. If you need anything day or night just let me know.

  3. congratulations to you all!! My British cousin just completed her citizenship - amazing feat!! Hoping Samuel feels much better already!

  4. Congratulation, well i must say your both kids are so cute..

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