Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Is This So Easy?

Yes, we asked ourselves that question all weekend.  Knock-on wood.  We've had Annalee home for almost two weeks and we can't get over how easy this child is.

Maybe it's because she doesn't have feeding issues, a need for heavy-duty thickening, oxygen, an alarming monitor, an array of medications, or any of the other accessories that we brought home with Samuel.  Seriously, was I superwoman?!?

Or maybe it's just that she's a sweet baby.  She sleeps.  Imagine that.  She cries when she's hungry.  It's really not a myth after all!  She likes to be snuggled.  No sensory issues here, my friend.

That's not to say that our time at home hasn't had it's rough patches.  Within the first few days, it became apparent that we would have to thicken Annalee's bottles just a little.  It's tough to suck-swallow-breathe.  Heard that before?  Yeah.  Me too.  I must admit that I happily ditched the breast pump for formula+rice cereal.  I. Hate. Pumping.  According to medical professionals, breast milk can't be thickened.  Odd, since we thickened it for Samuel for over a year...  She took to the new combination like a champ and has been dominating some bottles.  She's eaten so well that she gained twelve ounces in a week.  A week people!  This momma is just about giddy.

Anyway.  Have I mentioned how easy she is?  She is her daddy's clone in more than just looks.  She has his laid-back temperament too.  Yessssss.

Speaking of clones...

My little clone is great!  He's not so little anymore, that's for sure.  Next to Annalee, he is downright HUGE. 

He's adjusting to all of the changes better than we could have hoped.  Minimal hostility.  Loads of love.  He often sits next to Annalee and gently holds her hand.  He wants to kiss her goodnight.  He tries to give her a paci.  And he shares his germs.

Yes, you heard me.

I find it ironic that my overprotected, ex-24 weeker has given his sister a cold.  She's handling it well and we don't expect any problems from her.  However, Samuel's fluid filled ears are now infected, so the kid is on a round of antibiotics.  Poor guy.

But it hasn't gotten him down.  He's just as chatty as ever.  We talk all day long about tractors, trucks, and heavy machinery.  I've got this boy-mom thing down!  He gallops around the house when he's excited.  He screeches "HONK" at the top of his lungs when playing with his trucks throughout the day.  Startles me every time.  He likes to play with only one person at a time and doesn't hesitate to tell intruders to "Go away!"  He tells me he loves me like it's something he forgot to mention.  Oh, by the way, I love you mom.  I have missed him so much.

My heart is full.  Our home is full.  And we are done.  It wasn't the normal pregnancy experience that I wanted.  I didn't get to waddle around with a big belly.  I didn't get maternity photos.  I didn't get to decorate a nursery before the baby came home.  My biggest worry wasn't whether or not I would have stretch marks.  I didn't get a big-belly baby shower.  I had to leave my child at the hospital...again.

But we did get a precious, precious baby.  Is there anything more important about this experience than that?

I think not.  

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  We love being home!


  1. Many congratulations!!!! So happy God has blessed you with a wonderfully sweet baby girl (in addition to your handsome son)

  2. I am SO SO happy things are going well at home! I know you are loving every minute of cuddles with her. I hadn't replied to your instagram comment yet: My girls are getting better! We have a tough feeds, but overall improved. We are all formula here, my milk didn't cut thickeners, although the pools of spit up make me frequently think otherwise...we are putting off solids until 6 months...whew dreading that! ;)
    Praying that things continue to go well and are 'easy"....and were/are superwoman! :)

  3. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, I recommend downloading an app called "Truck Tunes." It's free, and is basically like 10 songs about various pieces of equipment. My nephew knows all the songs by heart and subsequently can tell me about the parts on heavy machinery that I didn't even know existed.

  4. So glad I found your blog. From another mom of two preemies, I really love and appreciate what you have said on here.

  5. Glad to hear everything is going well. She is such a pretty baby! Hope Samuel is feeling better soon.

  6. Praise the Lord. I am so happy to hear the latest news. I've been praying for you all, daily.

    Glad she is such a good baby. You deserve that so much. Continue to relax and enjoy both of them as much as possible. They are lovely and you are an awesome spirit.

  7. I'm so happy things are going well :)

  8. So happy for you & your family, and glad things are now at the "easy" stage! Precious photos, thanks for posting. I can see the resemblence between little sister and big brother. Happy upcoming birthday to Samuel!! Wow, 3 already? Hope you'll post some photos of his special day. Thanks again for the updates.

  9. I love that your 2nd baby has been a much different experience! I often have to remind myself too that out of all the things I didn't get, I have the one thing I hoped for through it all, a precious, healthy little boy. So, thanks for that reminder. ;)