Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Squishy Ball, a Cookie, and a Little Boy

What do an orange ball and a cookie have in common?  In most people's eyes, not much.  But to Samuel, these two objects represent a similar challenge...overcoming sensory issues.  

The orange ball was a birthday gift that has been quite neglected since the day he received it.  Why?  Because of its squishy texture.  He has always avoided having squishy/soft things on his hands, so unsurprisingly, this ball invokes quite a negative reaction.

But when I came home from a Bible study tonight, Michael and Samuel were having a great time playing with it!  Michael tried to get a video, but only managed to snag a few seconds of him holding it (the rest of the video is pretty cute though, so I didn't edit it.)

Oh, and you know that cookie I mentioned?  Tonight Samuel scarfed down not one, but two whole cookies in three minutes flat.  Without gagging.  How's that for overcoming oral sensory issues?

Cookie eating champ.  Go Samuel go!


  1. That's wonderful Sarah! Cookies are always a good sign, lol.

  2. That is so awesome!! I hope we're not too far behind you. I've always said that I can't wait for the day when Jack asks me for a cookie! Of course he can have as many cookies as he wants!

  3. That video is adorable. He is so entertained by the bird puppet. Cute, cute, cute!