Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bottle Free (Well...Almost)

So...things are better with Samuel and it looks like we are getting back on track.  Thank goodness!  On Monday he began attempting/chewing table foods again.  He is still refusing to feed himself but as long as I can get the food into his mouth, I'm a happy momma.

It's Day 6 bottle free...well almost.  I AM giving him one at night if he wakes up hungry.  Michael and I feel that this is a reasonable step to ensure he gets what he needs until he can work up to eating a greater volume of table food during the day.  It's probably not a good habit to get him into, but I can't justify letting him go hungry until I know his weight is OK.

I'm so thankful for all of those who posted eating/food/calorie suggestions on my FB page, and to all of his really really really great therapists...especially his speech therapist whom I'm contemplating kidnapping so that she can feed Samuel 24/7 (just kidding Kara!)

He is a man of variety.  As long as we keep changing out his cups, he will drink often.

Loves to pretend to eat but he doesn't actually feed himself (unless it's macaroni.)

In other news, we've been enjoying the nice weather by spending most of the day outside.  I'm afraid we are going to wear out the nearby playground before the end of the summer!  He is going to be so bored of it come July...

I should add slide-climbing to my "One of Those Moms" post.  It's great for building strength, coordination, and balance...but it does get me a few dirty looks from the other moms..

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  1. Such good news!!!! Chances are he WON'T get tired of the playground for a few years, and all that activity and fresh air WILL make him hungrier!! Great start to a good spring!!!! (((BIG HUGZ)))