Thursday, January 12, 2012

That Belated Christmas Post

As usual, Samuel made quite the haul this Christmas.  I was surprised that he didn't really 'get into' the gift opening as much as I had imagined.  He wasn't interested in unwrapping the gifts himself (his eyes were wide as he watched daddy do it though) and he didn't understand that the first gift was just the beginning.  Once the wrapping was off the first toy, he could have cared less about the rest of the unopened presents.

Christmas Eve - he was NOT happy that we were making him wait to play with his new remote controlled school bus.

Christmas morning - the train was his big gift from us.

And the Tonka truck was his big gift from Grammie and PopUp.

He seemed to be getting more interested as time went along.  This is my one good picture of him unwrapping.

Nana and Gramps mailed Samuel a few miniature tractors (which he hasn't put down in over a week) and several books about African animals.

I'm thinking that after all of this practice with presents, he should be ready-to-go for his birthday in March!

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