Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here We Go...2012

So I've had plans to update and get back to blogging more frequently.  That is, until both of our computers decided to crash...
And all of our cars suddenly had their 'check engine' lights on...
And the plumbing was backing up into the bathroom tubs (ick)...
And Samuel came down with a cold...
And Michael managed to contract a stomach bug (the poor man was very ill for a good two days straight)...
And we learned some disheartening news regarding a possible future pregnancy (I'll save that story for another day)...
And Samuel caught the same virus (thankfully not nearly as bad as Michael had it) on top of his already-present cold symptoms...
And we accidentally stood up the Duggars for dinner tonight.  Oops.

2012 has certainly been eventful so far, but we've tried to take it all in stride and have even had a few laughs about it all.  It's hard to stay frustrated when Samuel has a knack for making us smile over his antics.  Just today, he escaped from my grasp during a diaper change and went streaking through the house...screeching at the top of his lungs (mind you, with his paralyzed vocal cord, he really isn't that loud.)  It took me a good five minutes to catch him.

This morning he demanded that I put on his hard-hat before we could leave his room ("MORE HAT!")  He may or may not have spent the following half hour beating the top of his head with his hand...which I suppose is his way of testing to be sure the hard-hat is up to standards.

The kid talks all of the time now.  I never get to watch any television because he's always babbling about something (I wouldn't have it any other way.)  Michael and I are constantly amazed at the new words he is picking up and how he is able to communicate.  His favorite two-word sentences are:
"More ___(Whatever he wants)___."
"Up momma/daddy!"
"Noooo ___(Whatever he shouldn't have - like his paci)___."
"Bye-bye ____(Whatever is leaving - like a car/truck)___."
"Go! Go! Car/Truck/Tractor."
"Close the door."
"Open it."
"All done."
"Blue tractor/car/star."  Everything right now is the color blue for some reason!
"Hi ___(Whatever/whoever he is saying 'hi' to)___."
"Night, night ____(Momma/Daddy/animals in books when they look like they're sleeping)___."
"Big _____(Whatever he thinks is big - usually referring to a tractor.  ...Such a boy.)___."

But even if he wasn't talking all of the time, I still wouldn't be able to do anything other than watch him. He truly has an amazing ability to get into things he shouldn't, climb places where he is inevitably going to get stuck, and eat something off the floor that is CLEARLY not edible...all within a span of two minutes.  Seriously.

And we love it.

Needless to say, RSV isolation this winter has been a huge improvement upon last year.  Of course, that may be due to the absolutely beautiful (and unseasonably) warm weather that we have been having here in good ole Bentonville, Arkansas.  We spent as many days outside as we could, soaking up what was probably the last bit of blue skies and sunshine for a while.  Although, I must say, I'm anxious to see if Samuel enjoys snow more this year.

I'm hoping to have some Christmas pictures to post soon.  Yes, I know that they will be a month late, but I've been waiting to see if any of our relatives managed to get a good photo of him during all of the festivities (lets just say that most photos of Samuel these days look like one gigantic blur...see below.)

I'll post again soon.  Promise!


  1. Oh how wonderful...he is such a TYPICAL toddler, on the move all the time, getting into everything and talking up a storm. And he makes you smile all the time. So sorry you missed the Duggars, but I know they understand what it is like. It looks like you new year will be filled with blessings (hopefully no more "bugs" for awhile) Can't wait to see you again and I am so grateful for your blogs!! All my love to you, Michael and Samuel!

  2. Sarah, sounds like things have been crazy for a while! I feel a little bit better about our week early dinner date, considering that you guys stood up the Duggers hehhehe I"m sorry that happened, though-know it's stressful!

    Know that I'm praying for your family and for Samuel for a healthy and joyful winter! Samuel is cuter every time I see him!

    Much love!

  3. Wow,you all have been busy. And please, please, explain the Duggar story!!

  4. We also had a computer crash, but fortunately for us, it stopped there. Sorry you have had such an "eventful" new year so far. Hope the rest goes much better.

    Wow! Samuel is doing so well with all the talking. That is quite impressive! He sounds so much like Cade getting into everything; I'm assuming that's just how little boys are. Girls are so different. I think Cade is busier than both of my girls put together!