Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Week of Eating

After only a week of OT and Speech working on feeding, Samuel has made great strides with table food.  The difference would be subtle to an onlooker who hasn't seen him eat day after day, but to me, he is a changed kid.

This week he has eaten more soft food than he has had in the last 18 months.  He has tried bites of oatmeal, muffin, banana, spaghetti, and other foods that were previously unacceptable.  Yesterday I gave him a whole muffin (which typically would end up on the floor in .5 seconds.)  He picked it up, took a bite, and gave me a big grin.  Today he ate four bites of spaghetti from my fork.

I have renewed faith that he will be eating something other than crunchies and purees when he goes off to college.  Haha.  There is nothing more exciting than to see him continue to progress as he has.  I love it.  Go Samuel Go!


  1. So awesome!! What tips did OT/ST give you?

  2. Yay! I never get over the joy of watching the twins eat now. He looks like he is really enjoying the spaghetti.

  3. Wow, Sarah this is great!! I need those tips for a kiddo in my classroom. She absolutely refuses to eat food unless it is ground up (unless it is pancakes or peanut butter and jelly).

  4. Thanks girls! Jessi and Serena - actually, I haven't been given any tips (except to let him play in the food and continue to offer it even if I know he wont eat it....all of which I have been doing for months.) However, they did give me a brush to brush his body (I cant remember the name of the technique right now) to help with his minor sensory issues. Im going to ask what exactly they are doing and let you know.