Sunday, October 9, 2011

RSV Season - Round 2

"For the health and safety of our premature child, we ask that you WASH YOUR HANDS for 60 seconds upon arrival.  Also, please do not visit if you have been sick in the last week.  Thank you for helping us protect our little one!  -The Popes"

 It's that time of the year again.  Cold/flu/rsv season is here and we are doing our best to gear up for the long winter months ahead.  I feel like I've been in denial about it's arrival - "It's not REALLY that time yet is it?"  "We have a few more weeks left..."  "He's a lot stronger this year right?"  I even called the pulmonlogist's office to ask if we really needed to follow the same precautions as last year...the answer was a resounding, "YES!"

Surely there is no doubt that I would do ANYTHING for Samuel - but last winter wrecked havoc on my state of mind and I'm not exceptionally eager to repeat the process.  Thankfully, there are a few differences that give me hope that this year will not be as challenging.  We have so much less to fear.  Samuel's lungs ARE stronger.  We aren't dealing with oxygen and a monitor around the clock.  I don't have to sit around all day wondering about his future - if he will ever talk...or walk...or even laugh.

I don't think I can say how grateful I am for those things.  I'm also grateful for these past six months of freedom - of feeling like a normal family.  I'm thankful for the experiences that Samuel has had and how much they have impacted his development.  It was a beautiful, sunny summer.  I'm focusing on that positive note as we enter into this RSV season. 

As you can see from the first picture, we hung our RSV sign this week.  Last year, the sign had a cute little poem on it about washing your hands...but I quickly realized that most people didn't take the time to read it.  I decided to be a little more direct this year.

This morning, Michael and I gave each other our flu shots (which turned out to be an interesting experience.)  I didn't think it would be a big deal - after all, I've been around needles my entire life.  But oh was I wrong!  With a little help from me, Michael gave himself the shot.  I also helped as he gave me mine.  As he finished, I realized that I was on the verge of fainting and very nauseated....I barely made it to the bathroom in time.  Then, I was shaking and covered in sweat for another 10 minutes.  Completely ridiculous! 
Now we just need to get Samuel's done (obviously, I won't be giving it!)
After much deliberation, we began giving him Flovent again (the steroid inhaler that we recently ended.)  As much as I HATE the thought of giving him steroids daily, I also hate the idea of him being hospitalized for a cold.  We'll ween him off again in the spring.

I'm trying to find projects to keep us happy and busy at home.  This week I painted a few pumpkins to decorate our porch....I especially like how the swirly white one turned out.

Maybe autumn isn't so bad after all!!!


  1. Just remember to get out every now and then yourself when someone else can watch Samuel so you don't go nuts. Hopefully you can meet up with friends but even a trip to the grocery store helps with the sanity! Good luck! :)

  2. I am going to be thinking and praying a lot for you, Sarah. You are doing the absolute right thing!!

  3. I wish I could do the same again, but I have an older one who goes to pre-school. Last year, we pulled her from pre-school, but I think she needs to go. It was hard on her not having any friends, becoming too attached to mommy, etc. I am just praying she doesn't catch something that she spreads to them. I am a little envious that you get to stay home, but like Megan said, remember to find time to go out too. Also, I LOVE your pumpkins. I might try that too. So cute!

  4. Thanks girls! I'm sure it will be a better winter...a babysitter is very needed (but hard to come by!) How did you ever find someone who doesn't work around kids, who has had the flu shot, and is someone you trust??