Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Month With Nana

Nana is officially Samuel's favorite person.  She may even outrank her son on Samuel's 'iLove' scale.  She arrived in the US on August 8th...and sadly left us early this morning to head back to her home in Zimbabwe.  Michael and I were so sad to see her go - but I guarantee that our son will be the one to miss her the most. 

These last few weeks have been incredible.  We have seen huge leaps in his development - all saved up for this precious time with his Nana.  He is now quite the accomplished walker and talker thanks to her grandmotherly skills!

She had stacks and stacks of pictures to take back with her - and it took me ages to decide which were my favorite to post here.  So I started with the obvious (professional pictures taken by Kim Lowery Photography....which I *LOVE*) then posted some favorites from my camera.

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For my readers who are not from Bentonville AR, this is the Walton's Five and Dime store....the original five and dime store that was the start of Sam Walton's empire (otherwise known as Wal-Mart.)  It is literally a block from our house.

Mandy, we are all going to miss you so much.  It was a wonderful month.  I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law and such a great Nana for Samuel. 

Now, when are you coming next???


  1. Such sweet pictures! I bet she is going to miss Samuel so much! Having family live so far away is hard, especially when they leave. Looks like you made lots of memories though and had a wonderful time together.

  2. I am so glad she got to come and spend some time with all of you and she got to know Samuel. That is what that grandmother LOVE wont never forget. It will be so good when she can come and stay forever. I know it is so sad and lomesome for all of you today. But you'll have the memories. Like all of the pictures. Love you'll Ann

  3. I love the one of them looking out the window together :)

  4. Such a very special time and what wonderful photos to remember these precious days.

  5. Sarah, thank you. once again, for allowing all of us to share in the joy that is clearly evident in the photos, that Mandy's visit brought to all of you. What a precious gift of time God gave to you all. Much love, Caroline Colin

  6. Oh Michael, Sarah and Samuel
    I am so glad that Mandy is on her way back to us, but have tears in my eyes looking at the photographs. I am so glad that you all had this precious time together. Can't wait to see her tomorrow and all the others pics of my great nephew. Love you all