Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Adjusted Birthday Samuel (Oh, And Happy Birthday To You Too, America!)

This weekend we celebrated the 4th as well as Samuel's adjusted birthday (ie his original due date anniversary.)  Even though we didn't throw a party like we did for his chronological birthday, we wanted to celebrate the day he should have turned the big ONE.

The lady at the bakery asked, "How many fake 1st birthdays does a kid have?"

I'm actually really glad that Samuel wasn't an Independence baby like we thought he would be - it just wouldn't be right since he's half African after all!  (Michael is from Zimbabwe, Africa.)

"Ka-ra-te CHOP!"

Everything goes over the side of the highchair now days...

No celebration is complete without presents!

Samuel slept through the fireworks, but that's ok.
As a friend of mine said, "He came in with a BANG - but just on the wrong day!"

(And because I can't WAIT for another post to show you this...)  Samuel learned how to put an object into a container thanks to Grammie and Pop-Up's birthday present.  We've been coaxing, begging, pleading, and practicing this for ages - and in the end, all it took was the right motivation.

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  1. Happy real birthday!! Cute cake. Samuel looks like he sure enjoyed it! And the fact that he can put the ball in the toy... man, we worked on that for FOREVER with Jack. Samuel is doing GREAT!