Friday, June 10, 2011

Eating with YouTube

Spoon feeding Samuel requires a bit of distraction.  If he ever sees the spoon coming, he bats it away with his hand or whines and cries until feeding is absolutely impossible.  Recently, we've been playing YouTube videos of Sesame Street songs during meals.  I'm pretty sure we've played just about every SS song available, but it's obvious he has a favorite.  Every time we play "What I Am" Samuel gives the biggest smile (thanks for suggesting this song Britney!)
Here's a super short video of his reaction to the song while he ate dinner....sorry about the poor quality.


  1. Have you seen that you "made" the Duggars book?! :)

  2. That's cute. Reminds me when we had to try to trick David into eating sometimes. Here's a video :)

  3. How cute is that? His face just lights up when that comes on. Our twins are FINALLY getting a little better at eating and it's not quite as messy. My daughter's favorite thing to do now is shake her head no to indicate she doesn't want anymore after only 2 bites! What fun! Does he do any better if he has his own spoon or toy to hold/ bite on? That seems to help ours a little, but I know every kid is different.