Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Did I mention that I have a crawling child?  At 13 months (9 months adjusted), Samuel can finally crawl on his knees and pull up!  I'm in heaven!

Time to lower the crib!

On a different note, I had posted a ridiculously cute picture of Samuel standing naked (back view only) in front of his toy box.  An anonymous commenter asked me to remove it.  Although I disagree, I do respect other's feelings and would hate to be the cause of any moral dilemma.  Thus, it has been removed.  (Facebook friend me if you would like to see it though!!)


  1. Yay! What a milestone for Samuel! The photos are adorable! Thanks again for sharing his progress and your thoughts along the way!

    As a side note, I have noticed that when people have something 'instructional' to post on a public blog, they usually do it anonymously...brave no? : )

  2. Way to go Samuel!! He's just darling!! (I am a new follower from the preemie parent yahoo group) - Exciting news!! congrats to babe and Mom!

  3. Hi, I'd just like to say I've suggested the pic should be moved not because I myself was offended (not at all, he's beautiful and I'm so glad he made such headway). I was afraid it could fall into hands of depraved persons. My suggestion was meant to protect your child. It's in his best interest, as I see it.

  4. Yea Samuel! So glad he is doing great. I hate that you have to deal with comments as to what you should or should not do on your own page. How rude! You post all the naked booty pics you want. lol Geez people these days!

    - Andrea Morelock