Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's Up?

Because Samuel has had very few doctor's appointments in the last month (and because he has been doing so well) I've not been good about updating you on his health and weight.

The home health nurse came by on Monday and he weighed 16lbs 12oz.  He seems to be growing more in width than length.  He has grown about half an inch in length since the end of November.  Where are the growth spurts that everyone talks about?  haha.  I'm REALLY hoping that he has one eventually.

We haven't made any progress coming off the oxygen.  We put him on any time he naps and at night.  I used to daydream about him being cord-free but I hardly think about it anymore.  When I do, I love the thought of him being off completely by his birthday in March.  That might be a bit hopeful....

The last couple of days, Samuel has shown signs of a cold.  We've been giving him albuterol treatments every four hours but I'm not convinced it's getting better.  I'm also concerned about his hydroceles which seem to have either migrated or have gotten larger (or both.)  I'm  not sure why things have changed so suddenly....and I'm praying that it doesn't mean that he has another hernia.  Of course, I can't do much about either issue since we are buried under 8 inches of snow at the moment.  Send a prayer or two up for us!

After months of teething (and GALLONS of drool...see picture), Samuel had not one, but TWO bottom teeth poke through in the last three days! Nothing like getting it done in a hurry....

As previously mentioned, Samuel is almost a year old!!!  In my head, he will always be as old as his adjusted age....6 months.  I've been debating birthday themes for several weeks now.  An African animal theme would be appropriate since Michael is African....but I can't bring myself to do it since African animals are apparently THE THING TO DO right now.  The boyish sports and transportation themes are also way too cliche.  So...I think I've decided to do an Uglydoll/silly monster theme for his party.  I plan on keeping the monster stuff to a minimum and play up the colors green, blue, and orange.  Hope it turns out cute.  These cupcakes are my inspiration.

Michael's working from home today because of the snow.  Samuel did a good job helping out.  (They are both wearing hats because we don't heat the back room in the winter...) 

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  1. Love the cupcakes, they are so cute. Don't worry about the growth spurts too much. They usually start gaining weight just before one, and now that he has teeth, he will be eating more. Hard to believe how tiny he was!!! He is looking so good and happy. Daddy's little helper!!!!