Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sleep and Snow

The 18th was Samuel's first day to sleep with his crib mattress flat.  Since coming home from the NICU, we have had his mattress propped up at one end to help his reflux issues.  While sleeping on an incline, we had to keep a barrier around him so that he wouldn't slide down the mattress.  It's worked out fine but I always felt like the barriers were keeping him from being mobile - and I didn't want it to cause a developmental delay in rolling.  SO.  This week we put his crib flat and *WALLAH!*  As far as we can tell, he isn't have any reflux issues and he is *LOVING* the freedom.  As Michael says for Samuel, "I'm a REAL boy!" 
He seems to prefer sleeping on his side with the blanket covering his face....his mommy doesn't like that so the blanket gets rearranged.... 
Yes.  He had a pink paci in this picture.  It's hard to lose something so bright.  The boy colors are good camouflage....

At the end of this week, we had about 3 inches of snow!  It was Samuel's first snow since the week he was born.  I had hoped that he would be a little more interested in it but he was too cold and spent most of the time gulping down the icy breeze.  Here are a few pictures of our 5 minute escapade...

And on a final of yesterday we have been NICU free for 6 months!


  1. Love the snow suit!! He is getting so big! I think he was saying "what is all this white stuff?" Happy 6 months home!!!!!

  2. Yay for NICU free!! He's suuuuuch a cutie Sarah, I love sleeping baby pictures!! :D

  3. ya'll look awesome...can't wait for the good news on the funds....praying for ya