Friday, January 28, 2011

Play Dates

Samuel had two play dates this week....great fun!  We are still being cautious with who we expose him to until cold/flu/RSV season is over, but I really want to get him around different people/situations now that he is starting to pay attention to who is around him.  AND it's good for his mommy to have a conversation that doesn't go something like, "Do you have a block?  Yeah, that's a red cube.  Let's put you on your tummy.  Are you hungry?  Can you say 'da' 'da'?  What about 'ma' ma'?  Look!  You're sitting up!.....etc"

So, thanks Julia and Stephanie for sharing your sweet boys.  We had a great time!  I didn't get any pictures of Samuel with Elijah (Julia we will have to do that next time!) but I did get some with Noah.

Aren't they just too cute?  Yay for friends!

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  1. Playdates are my life-blood. haha. I felt so guilty and sad for Annika when we first moved here and she didn't have any friends! Its so great to let them play and interact.

    Those are some handsome boys, I love Samuel's elephant shirt!