Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Pregnant

A year ago today I said those words aloud as I looked at my face in the mirror. Three positive pregnancy tests were lined up on the bathroom vanity. I always thought that I would FEEL pregnant. Or LOOK pregnant. But I didn't. I knew that I wouldn't wait to plan anything to surprise Michael. I was too ecstatic to wait - I even considered calling him while he was at work. Me? Pregnant? Wow.

That wonderful day was followed by 4 wonderful months of pregnancy, followed by 4 awful months in the NICU. Would I do it over again if I knew what was going to happen? For Samuel, in a heartbeat.

God, thank you so much for Samuel. Thank You that You had him in mind for me from the beginning. Thank You for teaching me patience. Thank You for the healthy, normal, beautiful baby boy that we prayed for from the beginning. You are truly the God of miracles and healing.

We don't know the results of the EKG and ECHO yet. Samuel did fantastic during the test - better than I expected. He slept! I couldn't believe it! I'll be sure to let you know the results when I find out.


  1. Sarah I'm so thankful God worked unexpectedly for you & Samuel today! When I read your blog about him not sleeping or eating during this time I instantly said "but God can make it happen for you"! Thank God for those little things!! He's so amazing all the time! Samuels test results will be great! Give him a cheek kiss for us! Love & prayers! Kim

  2. Sarah, it has been a long year that sped by....if that makes sense. I am so happy for you and Michael and Samuel. God has a plan for him. I can't wait for the day that I can meet him!