Monday, November 15, 2010


Weight: 13lbs 2oz

Did you like the pictures (see the previous post)? Thanks to those who replied with the picture they liked the best. Samuel seemed to enjoy being out and about. He was really talkative when we were taking the pictures. He kept saying "ohwhoah" over and over again (which is why his mouth makes a perfect O in a lot of the pictures.) I've really got to make Christmas cards soon. Procrastination comes easy these days...

At the beginning of last week, we attempted rice cereal for the first time. Very unsuccessfully. I was told to mix the cereal with fruit to give it a better once I had it flavored and thinned down, I put the spoon to Samuel's mouth and he gagged. Ok. I gave him a few minutes to recover and tried again. This time he threw up everything in his stomach. ::SIGH:: Forgive me for thinking food might be fun. I'll wait another month and give it another go. I'm tempted to skip rice cereal all together and move on to something else. I know a lot of micropreemies have oral aversions because of being on the ventilator for so long. I worried about that for a few days then I realized that Samuel puts everything in his mouth. His pacifier, his hands, his toys, his oxygen cannula.... I don't think it's an oral aversion. The most frustrating part was that for the following 4 or 5 days, Samuel fought me over taking his bottle. He's finally back to normal now...but it was certainly stressful.

Tomorrow Samuel will have his EKG and ECHO at the ACH clinic in Lowell. I find myself dragging my feet about going. It's probably because those kind of big tests make me nervous. Or maybe it's because I'm going to have to hold Samuel down for an hour for his ECHO and a half hour for his EKG. Gee, that's going to be fun. The lady who called to set up the appointment said I could give him his bottle during the test to calm him down. That's not going to work since he can't eat lying down....reflux issues. She also suggested that he could sleep but this kid is too active for that. Prayers for good test results and for Samuel to handle the testing well would be appreciated.

Samuel was finally evaluated by occupational therapy. Surprise surprise, he didn't qualify. I guess I wouldn't be happy either way. If he qualified, I would be extremely worried about his development. Not qualifying makes me nervous because that means he has to wait at least six months to be reevaluated - six months is a long time and I would hate for him to get behind. I'm doing as much as I can with him, but it would be nice if he could be worked with by a professional.

I've been talking for months about Samuel's damaged vocal cord. Here is what it sounds like when he cries. Sad huh? Thankfully when he 'talks' he sounds perfect.

Some happy things of this last week:

Flowers from an anonymous sender.

The first time Michael and I have been out in public TOGETHER since bringing Samuel home from ACH. My mom drove up and watched Samuel for us. We went out to eat. So great.


  1. Prayers for his tests today!! He's going to pass with flying colors! Just listening to that sweet boy cry made my heart ache!
    I am glad though that you and Michael were able to get out together! :) *hugs!*

  2. Sarah, I couldn't not find the other pictures...I wanna me...giggle

  3. It is great to see that you two were able to go out. What would we do without moms? Prayin' for you folks!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I've been reading your blog for months, but have yet to comment. There is no way to start this sentence without sounding a bit silly, but every time you bring up Samuel's vocal cord being damaged, it makes me think of David Archuleta. I'm not sure if you watch or have ever watched American Idol, but he was (still is) an amazingly talented singer, who suffered a paralyzed vocal cord around age 12, I believe. He ended up in second place on AI, at 17, still struggling with his vocal cord. He sings like an angel, and I just automatically think there is hope for Samuel because of David's story. I hope you don't find this comment silly, and I'm certainly not trying to sound like I have any professional opinion in this matter. I just wanted to tell you this, in case you didn't know of David's story, hoping that it might give you some hope for Samuel's future.
    Best wishes,

    PS. Have a listen, and see if you can tell that this boy has a partially paralyzed vocal cord ;)

  5. Thanks Nina! I had completely forgotten about him. I vaguely remember something about it but I never knew the details. I do love encouraging stories. :)