Wednesday, November 3, 2010

About the Check-Up and Happier Things

Today Samuel's adjusted age is 4 months. We've seen many changes in him over the last few weeks - I'm excited for what's in store. He can finally hold his head up at a 90 degree angle while on his tummy. He's given me one TINY chuckle. TINY. But something. He can roll from his belly to his back so long as he gets one of his arms underneath him when he starts. His sitting is improving - he's beginning to sit up straight. He's vocalizing quite a bit more too.

We were at Children's all day Tuesday for Samuel's check up. First thing in the morning, he had an x-ray of his neck to see if his adenoids or tonsils were large (they weren't.) Then, we made our ENT appointment. It turned out to be rather uneventful since they didn't do a scope. Not that I like seeing a little camera shoved down my son's throat or anything, but I was hoping for some answers about his 'floppy voicebox' (called laryngomalacia) or his damaged vocal cord but it sounds like they are going to give him a year or so to see what he outgrows. Waiting. I'm not good at that. I spoke to a resident first and she was telling me that I could possibly be thickening Samuel's bottles and liquids for three years. ::SIGH:: I'm really praying that won't be the case and that his vocal cord will heal. The ENT doctor wants me to record Samuel's breathing at night since he's requiring more oxygen when he sleeps and he sounds squeaky when he breathes.

Dr. Lyle saw Samuel in the Medical Home Clinic. We waited for 2 hours to be seen - luckily Samuel slept most of the time. It was worth the wait since Dr. Lyle spent about half an hour with Samuel. He seemed concerned that we still weren't off the oxygen during the day. (Sure, he has good days where he's off....but they aren't consistent yet.) I told him that I'm having a hard time weening Samuel off because the monitor we are using to aide us in that endeavor is not at all trustworthy. I guess there just isn't much to be done about that though. So....because we are still on the oxygen, Dr. Lyle scheduled a EKG and an ECHO of Samuel's heart to make sure that he does not have right ventricular hypertrophy (enlargement of the right side of the heart.) If his heart looks good, we may be able to ween him off the oxygen more aggressively.

Samuel's weight gain was fantastic once again. (It SHOULD be since he's taking about 40 oz of milk a day!) At his appointment it was 12 lbs 4 oz. That means that he is gaining about 33 grams a day (just over an ounce.) We are still quite a ways from the growth chart curve for his actual age...and his adjusted age...but Dr. Lyle was pleased and thought Samuel may catch up with the curve by the end of his first year (most micro preemies are expected to catch up by the end of their second year.)

My favorite part about going back to Children's is when we are able to see Samuel's primary nurses from his days in the NICU. Carolyn and Cydne were working on Tuesday. It seems like every time I go to show off Samuel, he decides to be cranky. Maybe it brings back bad memories for him.

On a different note, Samuel was approved for the Synagis shots (which will help protect against RSV this cold and flu season.) He will get a shot once a month until March. We are SO thankful to have been approved for it....otherwise, we would be shelling out THOUSANDS of dollars.

Halloween was a great success. Michael and I carved a pumpkin together for the first time....mostly for Samuel's sake. This was also the first Halloween in our house - and thus, the first time we've ever had trick-or-treaters. Samuel was in his costume when a particular group of 5 year olds came to the door. One girl looked at Samuel and said "Whats on his face?!?" Of course, Samuel was wearing his oxygen cannula. It took me off guard when she said it. It's funny because I hardly see the cannula on Samuel anymore.....kinda like seeing someone who wears glasses - it's just a part of him.

Walmart really needs to start carrying boy-colored pacifiers!


  1. Samuel is so big and looking so good. The little hat makes him look like such a little man!!!! He has come so very far since his birth that it is amazing...of course, he DOES have amazing parents!!!!! Still praying continually and thanking God for all His blessings. Love you!!!

  2. Sarah, glad to hear that Samuel is doing so well! He looks adorable in his little halloween costume! Yall are great parents and I know that you are leaning on God for strength during this time. When I read about your checkup with all the different doctors and specialists at the children's hospital it brought back memories for me of when we went through all that with my little Joshua.
    You continue to be in our prayers. ><>